Wolfenstein Alt History Collection Coming to Xbox Series

Microsoft is on fire today as two collections for Zenimax titles have been confirmed for Xbox Series with one of them being the Wolfenstein Alt History Collection. There’s no indication as to if the title will release on PlayStation 5 too. However, given the recent Zenimax acquisition by Microsoft, we could see some time of exclusivity tied to it.

The announcement was lowkey made by ESRB since the platform revealed the rating for the Wolfenstein Alt History Collection on Xbox Series. This includes both the Series X and S since both are considered next-gen consoles.

The Alt History collection contains Wolfenstein: The New Order, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, and the co-op Wolfenstein: Youngblood. Its ESRB rating is M for Mature since the franchise includes a variety of violent scenes, blood splatter, strong language, partial nudity, and occasional use of drugs. Even so, the games will look great on Xbox Series X and S and we can’t wait to see them.

There’s no clear indication that the title will include content updates. It’s almost impossible for anyone to believe so. However, players will be able to benefit from 60 FPS gameplay and a higher resolution whenever possible.

Apart from the Wolfenstein Alt History Collection, the Dishonored & Prey Arkane Collection is also coming to Xbox Series X and S. This doesn’t foretell exclusivity for Microsoft’s consoles. However, it could mean that those editions are coming to Xbox Game Pass too at some point.

What’s even more important than this announcement is what comes after it. Are we getting a new Wolfenstein title? If yes then will it be an Xbox exclusive or will Microsoft adapt to the previous Zenimax scheme of releases? Everything will become clearer the closer we get to the release of next-gen consoles and we get some more new first-party titles.

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