Star Wars Squadrons Mission Medals Guide

Star Wars Squadrons Medals are like achievements that can be earned by doing certain tasks in missions. There are Fourteen story missions in Star Wars Squadrons, and for each of these missions, there are five medals.

Star Wars Squadrons Mission Medals

If you collect all the medals, you will get a Fully Decorated trophy. Here we will guide you on how to get all the medals. Let’s get started:

If you want to enjoy the game, play it at story mode difficulty as you can play this easily.

Another tip that we have is to do each mission as fast as you can because there is usually some medal waiting for you if you complete the mission fast.

Common Medals
For every mission, the first three medals are the same, so there is no point in listing them again and again. These are:

  • The mission completion Medal. This is fairly easy to achieve.
  • The Enduring Service Medal. Also, pretty straightforward.
  • The Efficiency Medal. This can require multiple attempts.

After this one, there are two unique medals for each mission, which we will discuss in detail.

It is usually pretty difficult to get all the medals on the first try because players are not usually aware of the level layout and the sequence the tasks are needed to be done to get the medals.

Form the Vanguard medals
The two unique medals for this mission are:

  • Defense Breaker: All the TIE fighters are taken out before the Jammers are destroyed.
  • Loyal Recruit: Before the New Republic reinforcements are called, you need to destroy the Imperial Jammers.

Completing these tasks is not that hard if you already know that you need to do them. Otherwise, you will just not focus on them and lose the medal.

The Skies of Yavin medals

  • Trusty Wingmate: Keep Frist alive by saving him from a deadly tail
  • Intelligence Operative: Use the first scan to find the Victorum’s breach point.

It is very difficult to get Intelligence Operative on the first try, but it is doable on the second run.

Trusty Wingmate is also very difficult as the blasters are firing all around.

Through Enemy Lines medals

  • Not Even Close: The hull integrity of the Victorium is at least 30% when you escape.
  • Raider Wrecker: When the Victorium’s escape is happening, take out all of the Imperial Raiders.

You can complete the first one on the first try if you are playing on the easiest difficulty, but even if the difficulty is greater, it would be not that hard to get this medal.

If you have prior knowledge, Raider Wrecker is also very easy. Prior knowledge means that you should know that all the Imperial Raiders must be destroyed.

Secrets And Spies medals

  • Collateral Damage: Before any escape, you need to take out all the New Republic GR-75s.
  • Thin the Herd: You will need to take out all the remaining fighters before the Gladius’ arrives.

You can get both of these medals easily if you are playing as an interceptor.

It is difficult if you don’t know about this, but this guide has given you the advantage.

The Trail from Deservo medals

  • Marksman: Saved the GR-75s by preventing a missile.
  • Ionizer: You have to disable all the GR- 75s transports.

The Temporary Guardian achievement will be unlocked if you get the Marksman medal.

The second one is also pretty easy as now you know that to do.

Signal To Noise medals

  • Corvette Protector: Protected the Corvette successfully.
  • Reinforcements Denied: The communication dishes have been destroyed.

Both of these are pretty easy as you know the objectives now.

Into The Abyss medals

  • Abyssal Protector: You will have to take down at least three missiles fired by the Overseer.
  • Fully Escorted: You will need to save all the GR-75s transports from damage.

The first one is a little hard. They are not easy to shoot down.

The second one is easy as you will instinctively protect the transports.

Fractured Alliance medals

  • Toothless: First you need to take out all the Nebulon-B frigate’s turrets.
  • Depot Defender: Protect all three of the Control Towers during the attack.

Depot Defender should be a piece of cake if your difficulty isn’t too high.

Toothless is only an issue as long as you don’t know about it – once you do, simply go for the turrets as soon as possible.

Chaos At Mon Cala medals

  • No Mercy: Take out the Medical Frigate
  • No Cargo: Take out every Cargo Ship.

They are both easy tasks and can be completed on the first try.

Just keep an eye out for anything that moves and shoots it down.

Terisa’s Vengeance medals

  • Imperial March: You will need to destroy each one of the Nadiri Dockyard’s hangars.
  • No Survivors: You will need to destroy all the GR-75 evacuees for this medal.

Like mission nine, shoot anything that moves, and the medals will be yours.

Nowhere to Stand medals

  • Capital Destruction: You will have to take out two Capital ships in under 15 seconds.
  • Core Knowledge: You will need to scan all the active cores.

You might need to do the Capital Destruction challenge more than once to get it right as you need good aim, and you are on the clock. Core knowledge is easy to complete.

Rally The New Republic medals

  • Comsat Savior: All the comsats were saved.
  • Loud and Clear: Take less than sixty seconds to take out the Jammer.

The first one is easy but the second one would need some skill.

It all depends on how you play. The ship you choose would mirror your play style, e.g. it would be either fast or one with really serious damage.

Fire In The Heart medals

  • Vengeance: Keep the hull integrity above 50% till you shoot down the traitor.
  • Thread the Needle: Take no damage and get to the Starhawk’s core in under 40 seconds.
  • For the Good of the Galaxy: This medal is earned by completing all Imperial missions.

The second one is really hard. The time aspect is not the difficult part. It’s the damage that makes you lose this medal.

Use the bomber to get this medal. It will be a perfect fit to navigate this area.

Last Flight of The Starhawk medals

  • Scorching Escape: While you are escaping Galtian, you need to maintain the maximum speed.
  • Piece by Piece: You need to take out two flagship subsystems.
  • For the Good of the Galaxy: For this medal, you need to complete each one of the New Republic missions

You will get the Punch It achievement as well upon completing the Scorching Escape medal.

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