Nintendo Announces Steve And Alex Coming To Smash October 14

Last week, Nintendo announced that Steve from Minecraft (and his gender counterpart, Alex, along with a Zombie and Enderman) would be the newest Super Smash Bros Ultimate character. Just today, the company announced on Twitter that Steve and Alex would be coming to Smash on October 14, a little over a week from now.

Out of the dozens of different characters that have come to Super Smash Bros over the course of the series’s history, one could say that the addition of Minecraft of all things caught many people off guard. The revelation of Steve’s addition, in fact, actually broke Twitter for a while.

Steve will be making use of a large part of Minecraft’s mechanics to engage in combat with the other characters, ranging from TNT blocks to piston blocks to being able to mine and craft materials to make their own weapons. He even effects Kirby, turning him into a cube when everyone’s favorite Star Warrior absorbs his powers.

Steve and Alex were apparently quite difficult to add to the game, too, not just in terms of art style but due to the way their mechanics worked. With both of them literally being able to build items out of the stage, they had to be balanced properly, the workings of which you can find during their segment at MineCon over the weekend.

While Minecraft isn’t a Nintendo property from birth, it is a Switch game and a titan of the video game world, Minecraft being one of the most-played games around and with regular content updates coming. A new update, in fact, is coming soon that will diversify the caves and tunnels players can dig themselves into, along with adding new mobs.

You’ll be able to mine your way to victory when Steve and Alex arrive in Super Smash Bros Ultimate next week on October 14.