Genshin Impact The Tree Who Stands Alone Walkthrough

In this Genshin Impact The Tree Who Stands Alone walkthrough, we will briefly explain all the steps required to complete one of the quests in Genshin Impact called ‘The Tree Who Stands Alone’.

Genshin Impact The Tree Who Stands Alone

Exploring the World of Genshin Impact often introduces us to interesting characters who give us some fun-to-do side quests.

One such quest is ‘The Tree Who Stands Alone, ’ which is available in the Liyue region.

To start the quest, head over to the Mingyun Village in the Liyue region. There you will see a ghostly figure that requires some help. Speak with him to commence the quest.

Finding the Hut
The first part of this quest requires you to look for a hut in the Mingyun village.

Simply head towards the hut on the southern side of the village and go inside.

Read the Lost Note and then start searching for the 4 Wills in the search zones. (There are 4 Wills, and you can look for them in any order)

First Will
The first Will is directly below the hut.

Just glide down from the cliff behind the hut and look left, you will see a pond with a cave entrance. The Will is inside that cave.

Second Will
Now, head northeast until you reach the entrance to another cave.

The second Will is inside this cave. Loads of rare resources are also up for grabs inside this cave.

Third Will
Head north towards the next yellow circle until you reach another cave entrance (You might need to circle the mountain to reach the entrance).

The Will is at the end of the cave, so you can’t miss it. This cave has farmable resources as well.

Fourth Will
Head to the final yellow circle, and you will see some monsters guarding the cave entrance.

Deal with them and head inside. Make your way to the end of the cave and retrieve the Will.

Once you have all 4 Wills, Paimon will appear and after your dialogue is over, just go to the big tree with red leaves.

You will be attacked by some enemies. Deal with them and interact with the big tree to conclude ‘The Tree Who Stands Alone’ quest

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