Genshin Impact Geoculus Locations Guide

In this Genshin Impact Geoculus Locations guide, we’ll tell you where to find Geoculus and how to collect them as well as how to unlock some of them by solving certain puzzles.

Genshin Impact Geoculus Locations

You’ll find these shiny collectibles in the Liyue Region. Some of them are easily visible and accessible.

Some of them will be hidden, and some of them will have to be unlocked before they can be collected.

Below we have included a map with the location of all the Geoculi in the region. Some Geoculi that require a bit of legwork have been explained in detail as well.

Collecting them after locating them is easy. If you cannot reach them, look for a high point near you and glide to them from above.

If there is no high point near you, try reaching them after using your Geo abilities.

Location 1
Climb the cliff, and top, you’ll find another stone. Climb the stone and make a jump to access Geoculus.


Location 2
It’s hidden underneath the wooden bridge and will only be visible when you swim underneath it.

Location 3
It is right above the stone; however, you cannot reach it with a simple jump. Use your Geo skill to craft a scaffold and then use it to reach Geoculus.


Location 4
You’ll have to access it by jumping off from a nearby cliff. It is hidden between the trees, and you cannot access it if you are on the ground.

Location 5
Drop into the waterfall chasm, and look for a small cave opening with another rock protruding over it.


The Geoculus is inside that cave.

Location 6
Once you’re out from the cave, head straight through a small opening in the rocks, Geoculus will be in front of you.


Keep climbing until you reach it.

Location 7
It is inside the cave to the left.

Location 8 & Location 9
Both of them are located on the side of the cliff, and you’ll have to access them by gliding down to them from the top.


It’ll be difficult to collect them when you’re on the ground.

Location 10
Use Kaeya to freeze the water, so you don’t have to swim all the way to the island.


Geoculus is on top of the tower in the middle of the island.

Location 11
Make the jump from the tallest cliff and glide down to the ship. Then glide towards one of the sails of the boat and climb up.

Geoculus is at the highest point of the ship.

Location 12
Destroy a relic on the nearby cliff and a path will rise up, leading you to Geoculus.

Use your Geo abilities again and craft a scaffold to jump and reach Geoculus.

Location 13
To locate this Geoculus you’ll need to complete a puzzle first. Look for nearby enemies, defeat them, and activate a nearby relic.

Once you activate the relic, the water level will drop and reveal another relic. Destroy 3 nearby minerals to light up the small towers surrounding that relic.

Activate the relic, and the water level will drop even more to reveal Geoculus.

Location 14
Climb the tallest cliff around you, and you’ll find a relic on top. Around that relic, there are three birds that you have to rotate towards the relic.

All three of these birds are located on different cliffs.

You can see them shining if you look around. That’s how you know about their location.

You can see them shining better at night, so it’s better to fast forward the time a little if the sun is out.

Once you are done rotating all three of the birds, head back to the relic.

Use it to reach the highest point in the game and collect Geoculus.

Location 15
To unlock this Geoculus location, you need to complete the “The Chi of Guyun” quest. Fight the Ruin Hunter and activate three yellow stones in the vicinity.

When you’re done, go talk to Granny Ruoxin in Qingce Village, and she’ll help you find the missing fragments.

Those missing fragments will open the gate leading to Geoculus. However, you’ll have to fight some adversaries before.

Location 16
You’ll have to solve a puzzle before you can collect this Geoculus. There are four lamps in the area. You’ll have to light them and then activate the relic.

Next, look for spirits in the vicinity and use them to activate the statues surrounding Geoculus.

Once all of them have been activated, you can collect Geoculus.

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