Genshin Impact Abyssal Domains Guide

Genshin Impact Abyssal Domains are dungeon-like locations where you can expect various rewards. What are these locations, and which category of Abyssal Domain do they fall in, will be uncovered in this guide of ours.

Genshin Impact Abyssal Domains

Abyssal Domains are dungeons players can run in Genshin Impact that rewards them with some really powerful and useful materials and items that are sure to level-up your favorite characters to the max.

Domains of Forgery

Domains of Forgery award players with Weapon Ascension Materials.

You can use these materials to ascend your weapons, which will in-turn, increase their damage, firing speed, and level.

The following two locations fall under the Domains of Forgery category:

Location Region Adventure Rank
Cecilia Garden Mondstadt 16
Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula Liyue 16

Domains of Blessing

You will be receiving awards of Artifacts in the Domains of Blessing. These areas will remain unlocked until you complete the Prologue Chapter of the Archon Quests.

Here are the 5 locations that fall under Domain of Blessing:

Location Region Adventure Rank
Midsummer Courtyard Mondstadt 22
Domain of Guyun Liyue 22
Valley of Remembrance Mondstadt 25
Hidden Face of Zhou Formula Liyue 30
Clear Pool & Mountain Cavern Liyue 35

Domains of Mastery

If you are looking for boosting up your Talent, Domains of Mastery are the best locations to explore since they award Talen-Up materials.

The two Domains of Mastery locations are:

Location Region Adventure Level
Forsaken Rift Mondstadt 27
Taishan Mansion Liyue 27

One-Time Domains

These One-Time domains only reward during the first time completion. They will not reward anything for the second or third time even though they remain open.

These locations are:

Location Region Adventure Level
Temple of Falcon Windrise, Monstadt 12
Temple of Wolf Monstadt 15
Temple of Lion Falcon Cost, Monstadt 18
Eagle’s Gate Cape Oath, Monstadt 21

Liyue Region Domains

The domains of the Liyue Region are famous for the treasures you can acquire around the areas.

Here are the three areas of Liyue Region Domains where you can expect finding treasure chests:

Location Region Adventure Rank
Domain of Forsaken Ruins Guili Plains, Liyue 24
Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula Luhua Pool, Liyue
Domain of the Wayward Path Between Lingju Pass & Mt. Tianheng 27