How to Get Loyalty Fast in FIFA 21

FIFA 21’s Ultimate Team is out again, and it’s time to gather your resources and create the dream team. To create good chemistry for your characters, you will need Loyalty, and this FIFA 21 Ultimate Team guide will show you How to Get Loyalty as fast as a man can.

FIFA 21 Loyalty Farming

The legitimate way to move yourself through the ranks and earn Loyalty is by simply playing Squad Battles game against the CPU. Play on the lowest difficulty and breeze past the matches.

From the above summarized process, you’ll get a loyalty bonus, coins, and a good ranking for the squad battle leaderboards.

This entire process, however, is lengthy and can last as long as 4 hours. That’s where we come in.

There’s a little glitch you can exploit on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One that’ll allow you to gain Loyalty at an impressively fast rate.

The Loyalty Glitch

The glitch’s rather simple to replicate, so let’s get right into the details.

The first method is a bit dangerous, and you can get detected by EA easily trying to be cheeky. Not to mention that it’s inconveniently longer as well.

The second method, however, is definitely safer, but it does completely mess up your record.

Method #1

  • Start up Squad Battles game as either the featured team or the weekly team.
  • Kick it off and pause the game after a few seconds.
  • Press the Home button on your controller twice.
  • Close the FIFA 21 Application.
  • When you head back into the game, you’ll realize that you didn’t get any loss, and your record remains consistent.

Method #2

  • Start up Squad Battles game as your desired team.
  • Forfeit the game after starting off.
  • Your character will get an extra game played at the cost of a loss in your record.

This isn’t the only time the glitch’s popped out in the FIFA series; It seems to be pretty common in the recent installments of FIFA.