FIFA 21 FUT Transfer Market Tips

In these FIFA 21 FUT Transfer Market Tips, we have various FUT transfer market tips so that you can benefit from the market and net the absolute best players for your FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

FIFA 21 FUT Transfer Market Tips

In FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, you will need coins to build your team and keep it running. FUT coins are required to buy players and all the consumables, contracts etc. in game.

Playing matches and participating in tournaments reward you with FUT coins. It is then up to you to make the most out of them.

Check Price Trends before Trading

In FIFA Ultimate Team, when you are trying to make a new purchase for your team or selling a current player, it is advised to check the price trends of the player cards.

One of the best tools for this is FUTHead, which collects data from the mode together in one place.

FUTHead can be used to check the current and previous prices of a player card to give you more insight on whether you are making the right decision buying or selling at the current price or whether you should wait a while before making the change to your team.

Real World Performances Affect Prices

In FUT, the prices of player cards are always changing depending on their real-life performances and stats.

If a player puts a good real-life performance, it is very likely that players will start to search for them in Ultimate Team to make them a part of their squad.

These price hikes don’t last long, so if you have such a player whose price has hiked, you can sell them to net some profit and then rebuy them once their price drops back.

Keep a look on Quick Sellers

There are several players who put unwanted cards up for sale for low prices to get rid of them quickly.

You can take advantage of them buy buying them for low prices and then putting them up for sale for a decent buy now price so that players who don’t want to wait long auction times will target them and turn a profit for you.

This method works best starting level gold cards in the 75-80 rating range as many players who start off their FUT will be looking at these rated cards.

Invest in Pacey Player Cards

In FIFA Ultimate Team, the attributes that players look for the most in a Player card is the Pace of the card.

Pace and skill move ratings are very highly valued amongst players in-game, and that is why a card that has a high pace attribute will be worth more than a low pace card, even if the lower paced card has a higher overall and other stats.

Try to buy pacey players at low prices and then sell them for a bit higher to profit.

Players from Top Leagues Matter

While buying cards, make sure they are from the famous and well-known leagues because most of the people playing the game will only know about the top-leagues such as the Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, the Bundesliga, and Ligue 1.

Players outside these leagues might be good, but the chance of someone buying them relative to players from the top 5 leagues is very low.

So if a player card is not from the top five leagues, we would suggest you ignore them.