Dishonored & Prey Arkane Collection Confirmed For Xbox Series

Last summer, Arkane Studios celebrated its 20 year anniversary, with a huge collection including Dishonored and Prey titles in one single game. Now, the Arkane Collection is coming to next-gen consoles as its ESRB rating for Xbox Series is confirmed.

The news comes from ESRB with the Dishonored & Prey Arkane Collection getting an M for Mature rating on the Xbox Series. This pretty much confirms that we will be able to play Arkane’s best titles on next-gen consoles too. Its description reads:

This is a compilation of four first-person shooters/role-playing games in which players engage in stealth, assassinations, melee, and ranged combat to complete various missions.

After Zenimax’s acquisition by Microsoft, we can’t help but wonder what the future of games like Dishonored or Wolfenstein will be. The fact that the Arkane Collection was rated for Xbox Series does hint some exclusivity.

It’s almost certain that Microsoft will want to add Zenimax games to Xbox Game Pass. This will be yet another huge step for the service. Even more, if we take Elder Scrolls 6 into consideration. Microsoft has promised that all first-party titles will be available in Game Pass at launch so this is huge news.

Getting to play all Dishonored and Prey games on next-gen consoles is a huge bonus. In the next few months, both Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 will have only a few new titles. High quality backward compatible titles will fill this gap.

What should we expect from the Dishonored and Prey Arkane Collection on Xbox Series though? 60 FPS and higher resolutions are definitely a given. We doubt there will be any content updates other than performance and graphics upgrades. Even so, hardcore Arkane fans will still overlook the price tag and get the collection in order to experience the Dishonored trilogy at its best.

There’s no set release date for the collection for now. However, Microsoft could push a release soon to coincide with the launch of Xbox Series S and X.

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