Crash Bandicoot 4 It’s About Time Quantum Masks Guide

Crash Bandicoot has always had his faithful tiki mask pals to help him defeat Cortex by providing various buffs. In Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time, he gains four new physics-defying Quantum masks to help him out.

Crash Bandicoot 4 Quantum Masks

This guide will describe the uses and powers of all the four masks in Crash Bandicoot 4 along with the locations where they are found.

Lani-Loli – The Mask of Phase
Found at the top of the N.Sanity Peak, Lani-Loli is the first mask that you will encounter in the game.

This mysterious mask gives you the ability to phase things in and out of reality.

Those objects that you can phase out are identified by a ghostly blue wisp floating around them. Whereas those you can phase in appear as a blue replica in their place.

Akano – The Mask of Dark Matter
You will acquire the mask once you face Dr. N. Brio for the first time in Tranquillity Falls.

Akano, being a Dark Matter Mask, lets you execute a dark matter spin.

The good thing about a dark matter spin attack is that it never ends and deflects all incoming green magic attacks.

The best thing about Akano? It lets you soar through the air by your increased jumping range due to it.

Kupuna Wa – The Mask of Time
Kupuna Wa – The Mask of Time has the same powers as you expect.

With Kupuna Wa, while you cannot travel through time, you can slow down time either for Crash or Coco.

There is an utmost need for this mask and its abilities later in the game when everything starts being clumsy and fast that it is hard to keep track of all the incoming attacks.

Ika Ika – The Mask of Gravity
Ika Ika – The Mask of Gravity will be automatically available when you are fighting against the N. Tropy duo in Bermugula’s Orbit.

Though Ika Ika doesn’t eradicate Gravity, it shifts it from the ground to roofs, allowing you to run upside down on the ceilings.

This will make attacking the enemies and dodging their attacks easier for you.