Xbox Series X Takes Just 5 Seconds To Load Doom Eternal

Microsoft has already made a point that the solid-state drive of Xbox Series X will drastically reduce loading times of not only next-generation games but also games that are backwards compatible with the Xbox One successor.

Taking to Twitter on the weekend, Spanish publication 3DJuegos demonstrated (via GamingBolt) how Doom Eternal takes around 5 seconds at most to load on Xbox Series X which is amazing by all accounts. Xbox One X with a swapped out solid-state drive still takes about 10 seconds to load the same game, as demonstrated by another user in response. Hence, safe to say, Doom Eternal takes a lot longer to load on Xbox One X with a standard hard drive.

Doom Eternal was recently added to Xbox Game Pass, meaning that the game will be playable on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S from day one. With developer id Software releasing the first expansion pack later in the month, players may decide to hold back from playing on current-generation hardware in order to soak up new content on next-generation consoles instead.

The lightning-fast loading times are not the only next-generation feats which Microsoft has achieved by design. Xbox Series X can have players seamlessly switch between a dozen games within seconds through a feature called Quick Resume. Furthermore, as claimed by early hands-on previews, Xbox Series X is the quietest Xbox ever made. Even after hours of strenuous gameplay, the noise levels of the single, large ventilation fan can barely be heard.

Xbox Series X will officially launch worldwide on November 10, 2020, for $500. There will also be an all-digital Xbox Series S alternative for $300. Microsoft opened up pre-orders last week but due to high demand, all pre-order units were sold out within minutes. With the holiday season approaching fast, Microsoft is currently making sure that inventories and stocks are refilled at all major retailers around the world as frequently as possible.

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