Genshin Impact Wind, Courage and Wings Walkthrough

In this Genshin Impact Wind, Courage and Wings walkthrough, we will guide you through the whole quest, including how and where you can find this quest. So, let’s get started.

Genshin Impact Wind, Courage and Wings

Wind, Courage and Wings is a story quest, and you can unlock this quest by talking with Amber in Mondstadt region.

She will be in the courtyard of the Cathedral. She will tell you that flying wind glider without a license is illegal, and you have to take the test to obtain a glider’s license.

Learning To Glide
After talking with Amber, head to the Galesong Hill to meet with Amber again. She will also provide you a gliding manual.

If you have not done gliding before, you better take a look at it first.

The first exam will be quite easy to pass. You have to pass through the rings.

The rings will be in almost a straight line, and you won’t find any difficulty in this exam.

The rings will be of two colors. You only have to pass through Golden rings, but white rings give you a speed boost.

Don’t try to pass through the rings with speed. Go steady and pass through the rings cleanly.

After passing your first exam, head to the Mondstadt Cathedral to pass the second exam.

The test will be the same, but it will be slightly difficult than before.

Talk to Amber to start the exam. This time rings won’t be in the same line and will be very close to each other.

Don’t rush and use Wind Currents to your advantage. If you are below rings, use Wind Currents to gain height and continue your exam.

The Third and final exam will start from the top of a building after talking with Amber. The difficulty level of this exam will be higher than the previous one.

In Trouble with the Law
As you are about to finish the exam, a Knight of Favonius will tell you to land and will try to arrest you but Amber will bail you out of this situation.

After that, you have to track down Raptor. Just the directions on the map. Teleport to the Springvale and then head towards the desired location.

After that, you have to look for the clues to track the Raptor using Elemental Sight. There will be a total of 3 clues, and you can find these clues by their flash.

After you have found all 3 clues, a cut-scene will appear, and after that scene, you have to investigate the strange sound.

You might encounter some enemies on your way. A fruit vendor Farrah will be under attack by these enemies.

Deal with them and talk with Farrah afterwards to get more clues.

Farrah will tell you a location where she has seen the Raptor flying. Head to that direction, and on your way there, you will be ambushed.

Deal with them and continue on your journey. You will reach a cave using Elemental Sight while looking for the marks left by the Raptor.

Dealing With Raptor
Head into the Raptor’s Hideout, and a cutscene will appear. After that, you have to glide and throw bombs at your enemies to eliminate them.

Use upwards thrusts to gain height.

After you have eliminated the enemies on the platform, there will be a gate on your left side.

Head through the door to go to the next room.

There will be a pool in the center. To drain the pool, you have to shoot at the latches on each side of the pool.

After that, open the door and head to the next room.

You will face many enemies there. Defeat them all head to the next tunnel using wind tunnel where you will face the Raptor.

Raptor will be on a platform far away from you across a chasm.

After the cut-scene, glide towards the Raptor.

As you are about to fall in the chasm, an invisible wind current will pull you up, and then you can get to the Raptor.

Raptor will be with 3 more enemies, and defeating them, won’t be difficult for you.

Try to take out shovel wielder first, then the other two enemies and Raptor at last. Raptor won’t be a problem once all his companions have been dealt with.

After that, head back to the Mondstadt Cathedral to get your gliding license. That’s it for Genshin Impact Wind, Courage and Wings.

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