Genshin Impact Monstadt Gastronomy Trip Walkthrough

Genshin Impact Monstadt Gastronomy Trip is a character story quest that introduces you to the character of Xiangling. Our complete walkthrough of the quest will help you complete the tasks presented by the master chef, detailing everything you need to do step by step.

Genshin Impact Monstadt Gastronomy Trip

This quest’s location is in Springvale, Mondstadt, and it is given to the player by Xiangling. Your primary objective will be to help Xiangling by tracking down exotic ingredients to help her place first in a cook-off.

There are many sub-quests to complete within the main one, so strap in, this Gastronomy trip will be a long one.

Little Chef on a Hunt

Head to the middle of Springvale to meet Xiangling. The first step to helping her become the best Chef is to get her something she can cook, raw meat.

You have to get three raw meat and bring it to her. The boars roaming nearby are a good source as they each drop 2 raw meats.

Cooking Appointment

You need to follow Xiangling to the Springvale town. Once there, talk to the village chief asking for approval for the competition.

Once done, Xiangling will go the Chef and challenge her to a cooking competition.

Secret Ingredients

For the next part, you have to catch up to Xiangling as she makes her way to Liyue.

She won’t be hard to find, her location will be marked on your map. Just follow the map marker.

When you finally do find her, she’ll be nearby a river and would require your help to gather more cooking materials, this time three Lotus Heads, easily found in the river.

Follow her after getting all three. She will take you up the mountain and ask you to pick up three Jueyun Chilies, ending this sub-quest.

Lucky Find

There will be a marked area on your map where you have to roam to find even more ingredients.

But instead of ingredients, you come across a hunter, Olaf, who seems to have been frozen for 300 years!

He will ask for your help and demand you bring him soup. If you have one in your inventory, give that to him; otherwise, you can use the nearby hilichurl camp cooking station.

Present from the Past

Xiangling has developed an interest in Cryo Regisvinem, as she wants to use a monster as an ingredient for her cooking showdown with the Chef, sounds wonderful.

To get this ingredient, she will take you to some ruins. These are located near where you found the hunter, Olaf.

Be careful of the two Cryo slimes at the beginning of the ruins.

Once there, you can now play Xiangling as a character, she has pyro-based abilities.

You have to open the gate, which you can do by using a pyro attack on the pyro monument. It’s better to deal with the hilichurls first.

As you open the gate, you will have a small window to rush past it before it closes again, and you have to repeat the process.

Progress through the area until you reach a climbable wall to reach the next area.

Here another pyro monument needs to be hit to open the gate, and it is surrounded by spikes.

There are cryo slimes and icicles falling from the sky in the next area, just dodge and run past both the icicles and slimes.

Now a magical gate will appear, blocked by slimes, kill the ones nearest to the doors to progress through.

In the next part, there will be four pyro monuments, activate them to reach the final area and the boss fight.

The boss is surrounded by a shield, to defeat him aim at the core located on the bottom.

Destroying it will remove his shield, allowing you to damage and kill him. After killing the Cryo Regisvine, you will discover a boar that has been frozen for 300 years.

This was the final ingredient Xiangling wanted for the competition.

Cooking Showdown

The final sub-quest and the long-awaited match is here. Get back to the town.

Meet Draff and head to the Showdown area. Talk to them to begin the competition.

During the competition, Xiangling will give out instructions and you have to complete them:

  • Go to the lake nearby to clean Radish, fight off some mobs that interrupt your work
  • Extinguish the fire that engulfs her pot
  • Use the cooking pot to cook a chicken-mushroom skewer.
  • Pass the skewer to Xiangling.
  • Gather an exotic material found in Springvale (give her anything you can find, even a frog or butterfly).
  • Cook at least one Jade Parcel and pass it to her.

After you do all this, talk to the village elder Draff for the results. And it wouldn’t be fair after all the work you went through for Xiangling not to win; thankfully, she does.

Xiangling will thank you and the Monstadt Gastronomy Trip quest ends.

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