Genshin Impact Luhua Landscape Walkthrough

This Genshin Impact guide walks you through the entire quest of Luhua Landscape. In the Genshin Impact Luhua Landscape quest you are tasked with helping out Vermeer.

Genshin Impact Luhua Landscape

Vermeer is a Traveling Painter in the quest Luhua Landscape who lost his painting supplies and didn’t remember where he misplaced them.

Now, he assigns you two tasks; The first one is to find his painting supplies and return them to him, and the other is to find two secret Rocks.

You can find Vermeer in the southern part of Luhua Pool near some ruins. Speak to him and receive the objective to find Vermeer’s Painting supplies.

Also, Vermeer gives you the two paintings which you can put in your inventory as a reference.

Pass the Painting Tools to Vermeer

There are two locations on the map where you can retrieve the supplies from.

A Golden shimmer indicates these supplies, and both of them happened to be in the Luhua Pool area, next to the Waypoint shrines.

Painting Supply #1

Once you’ve reached the location, look behind the rock you’re sitting on to find the supply in the corner, next to few ruins.

Interact with it and retrieve the first painting supply. Keep in mind that you’re going to face few ruin guards in the area so, make sure to be ready for a brief fight.

Painting Supply #2

Once at the location, the second supply is very easy to find as well; simply look behind the bushes at the side of the cliff you’re sitting on to find it.

Interact with it and retrieve your second painting supply.

Once you’ve collected both of the supplies, head back to Vermeer and give him his Painting equipment.

Once you’ve completed this Objective, Vermeer tasks you another job to find a Rock that resembles an eye.

Your quest has been updated at this point, and you’re assigned to find the secret Rocks.

Look for Another Strange Rock

The first rock is found North of the quest giver, and a Golden Shimmer indicates it.

The second one is found in a more eastern part of the area, as shown on the map.

Once both the rocks have been collected, return to the Quest Giver’s location and climb up the two statues to place the rocks on top of them.

Starting from left to right. Once placed, you’ll unlock the bottom shrine.

Keep in mind that you need a character with Geo abilities. Meaning an Earth character, otherwise you can’t progress in the quest.

Now, jump down and interact with Vermeer to trigger a fight with three Wizards named Hydro, Pyro, and Cyro mage, respectively.

Defeat them in 90 seconds and if you want you can even loot the ruins.

Once all of that is done, you’ll complete the Luhua Landscape Quest and receive 2x Hero’s Wit, 50x Primogem and 30,000x Mora as your Quest reward.

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