How to Destroy Nitro Boxes in Crash Bandicoot 4 It’s About Time

One of the most notorious causes of you dying in the game would be Nitro Boxes. These Nitro Boxes are not a child’s play so prepared this guide with instructions on How to Destroy Nitro Boxes in Crash Bandicoot 4.

Dying over and over is not something unprecedented in Crash Bandicoot, as you advance in the game, the difficulty level seems to increase and your chances of survival also diminish.

Crash Bandicoot 4 Nitro Boxes

You can’t expect to destroy Nitro Boxes in It’s About Time easily as unlike other boxes, merely jumping on them or doing a spin attack won’t get the job done.

Gladly we know the right way of getting rid of these Nitro Boxes which will be explained in the guide below.

Destroying the Boxes

The Nitro boxes are no doubt one of the most tricky obstacles that you will come across while advancing through any stage in Crash Bandicoot.

Whatever character you are playing the game with, you must know that you cant touch the Nitro boxes unless of-course you wish to die instantly.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the boxes are invincible. Using the right strategy at the right time is what you need to do to destroy them.

As we know that touching the boxes is not an option we are fairly left with the following few choices.

At the end of each stage, you will find a box with an exclamation mark hovering over it.

This box can be extremely useful as destroying it will instantly destroy all the nitro boxes in the stage.

This will not always be the case as the only way to reach this box maybe through the Nitro boxes itself!

In this case, you have no other choice but to destroy these extremely difficult obstacles.

One way of doing this is to use the Kupuna-wa Mask.

This item has the ability to slow down time which allows you to interact with the box, attack to destroy it and run to safety while avoiding the blast radius.

You can activate the slow time by pressing R2/RT and then you need to run across the Nitro Boxes which will destroy them.

Make sure that you are well far away from the blast radius when the time turns back to normal.

This trick will surely get the work done but only if you have Kupuna-wa mask which you get in the later stages of the game.

If you don’t have the Kupuna Wa mask, you can use the nearby objects like the TNT box to destroy the Nitro box or use a character that throws the weapons in a projectile motion like Neo Cortex.

Whatever the situation maybe, you have to stay away from the blast radius.

That’s all for this guide. Make sure that you improvise appropriately depending on the resources available to you and use them effectively against the Nitro Boxes in Crash Bandicoot.