Crash Bandicoot 4 It’s About Time Neo Cortex Boss Guide

Neo Cortex is an Evil Scientist and the main antagonist, and since he’s an evil genius, he has many tricks up his sleeve. In this Crash Bandicoot 4 Neo Cortex Boss fight, he has four parts of health, and it’s your task to drop him to none.

In this guide, we have given tips and tricks on how you can counter Neo Cortex’s attacks in Crash bandicoot 4 and defeat him in this Boss fight.

Crash Bandicoot 4 Neo Cortex Boss

Neo Cortex is the fourth Boss you’ll encounter in the game. He comes out in his Blimp and is ready to fight you. In this fight, there are four stages and in each stage, the difficulty increases.

Stage #1
During the first stage of the fight, Neo Cortex starts by shooting a few missiles at you. You can easily avoid them by moving in a circular motion.

Stage #2
Moving on to the second stage, Cortex sends out his Punchbot Mach 2 while few more missiles are coming your way.

For the missiles, walk in circles to avoid, just like stage one. As for the Punchbot Mach 2, use your Spin attack, knocking the Punchbot into Cortex and taking out one part of his health.

Stage #3
During the Third stage, Cortex shoots green and purple projectiles. Now, these projectiles may look scary, but they are easily avoidable.

For the green ones, all you have to do is jump. Whereas for the purple ones, move left or right to dodge them. You can also stand between them, but that’s too risky.

At this point, Cortex shoots more projectiles and sends out his Punchbot.

For the Projectiles, use the same strategy; Jump for green and move to the other side for the purple while using a Spin attack for the Punchbot, knocking it into him, thus taking out another part of his health.

Also, you’ll unlock a checkpoint by now before you start stage four.

Stage #4
Stage four is probably the most difficult stage out of all, as this part of the fight is a Projectile shoot out.

Missiles attack you along with projectiles all at once and it becomes really difficult to avoid and dodge at this point.

The strategy is the same, move in a circle for the missiles and for the projectiles, jump over the green ones and move to the other side for the purple ones.

Make sure to use a basic jump rather than a double jump since they are coming at your way at lightning speed.

Once you’ve taken care of the projectiles and missiles, Cortex sends out his Punchbot. Knock it into him, take another part of his health and unlock another checkpoint.

The fight isn’t over yet as Cortex starts removing the platform’s rims while a wave of missiles welcomes you before he completely removes the platform’s outer edge.

You’re left with a total of eight blocks for missiles.

The difficulty of the fight is increased due to which you unlock your third and last checkpoint. He throws more projectiles and one of them is red.

This is a new one! Simply crouch down to avoid it and face another Punchbot, knock it into him, take out the last part of his health to end the fight.

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