Crash Bandicoot 4 It’s About Time N. Gin Boss Guide

N Gin, the assistant of Neo Cortex from the previous Crash Bandicoot games, will be one of the earliest bosses that you will face in Crash Bandicoot 4. In this Crash Bandicoot 4 It’s About Time N. Gin Boss guide, we will get you through the whole N Gin boss fight.

Each of the boss fights in Crash Bandicoot 4 will have unique enemies in various settings for you to face and N. Gin is no different.

Crash Bandicoot 4 N Gin Boss

The fight with N Gin is divided into four different stages. You will start the fight by facing N Gin with his grumpy robot when you are on a conveyor belt.

So, N Gin will send small minion type enemies and laser beams at you, and you will have to dodge them.

You will see a set of giant speakers with minions coming at you like notes of the music coming from those huge speakers.

You need to spin and throw three minions at those speakers to get rid of the music.

Now minions will stop coming, and you will get closer to N Gin and can access the speaker by jumping through the spikes.

Do keep in mind that if you try to jump the spikes before getting rid of minions, you won’t make it.

Now jump above the spikes to the speaker and spin attack the robot head on the speaker. Also, note that you need to do all this in 15 seconds.

Once you deliver the spin attack, N Gin’s health will go down one bar. N Gin has four health bars, and after you knock off each health bar, you will get a save point.

Now the next round of fight will start, and in this round, N Gin will throw colorful beam projectiles at you.

The trick to avoiding them is straightforward. When you see green beams coming at you, jump over them or dodge to the right or left and when you see red beams coming at you, duck under to dodge them.

They will also come with the music beats, so keep with the rhythm to avoid them.

Touching even one of those beams will be instant death, so stay focused.

Now along with those beams, N Gin will also send minions at you like in the previous stage.

You need to spin three minions back at the speakers to knock down the music beats.

Now you will have another chance to jump on the robot and give some damage to N Gin.

But one extra thing this time will be that when you try to approach N Gin, Lani-Loli will come in your way, so just use the mask’s phasing ability to get to N Gin and deliver the hit.

The next phase of the fight will be almost the same, as N Gin will increase the beams that he throws at you from two to three.

You just have to repeat the previous stage process, and you will be fine in this one too. And in the end, you will be able to hit the N Gin robot as well.

Now the last phase is a bit different. The main idea is the same though.

This time you will be floating in a small platform, and minions will come at you from both sides. They will be leaping around, trying to get you to fall off the platform.

You need to avoid falling at any cost because that means sudden death.

Other than that, you only need to spin three minions like in previous stages, and you will be able to leap to N Gin’s robot and deliver some decisive blows.

After this fourth jump and spin, N Gin’s robot will be destroyed, and the boss fight will be completed.

You need to remember that once you get the opening to attack N Gin’s robot, do not waste a second as you will get a tiny opening each time.

And also, do not stand still as you will fall because the conveyor belt will keep running.

The final round can be challenging so take your time to get used to the flow and then take your shot.

This is all from our N Gin boss fight guide and you will be able to get through it quickly now.