Crash Bandicoot 4 It’s About Time Tips and Tricks

In this Crash Bandicoot 4 It’s About Time Tips guide, we’ll guide you on how to become better at the game, make the right choices. We’ll also talk about all the collectibles and how to collect them.

Crash Bandicoot 4 It’s About Time Tips

There are a total of 107 levels in Crash Bandicoot 4 and they are quite challenging. It becomes difficult to clear the level and collect every single collectible.

This guide will help you make the best out of your Crash Bandicoot 4 gameplay experience by giving some handy tips to start your journey.

The Boxes are Everywhere!

No matter where ever you are on the map, there’ll be a box near you. You’ll find boxes in the air, in the cracks, and behind the vines. So, make sure you look everywhere.

There’s More to the Game Than the Boxes

The game is not only about picking up boxes. You’ll find boxes around every corner.

If you start looking for every single box in the game, it’ll become frustrating and you won’t be able to enjoy the game.

Missing a box is not the end of the world. Take some time out and enjoy other features of the game, such as the scenic scenery.

It’s Better with the Modern Mode

As exhilarating as it might seem, playing the game in classic mode can get frustrating pretty quick.

You’ll only have a couple of lives and once they’re exhausted, you’ll be kicked out.

If you want to relive the Crash Bandicoot Glory days, opt for the Classic mode. But if you want to have a good gameplay experience, play the game in the Modern mode.

How to Master Vine Slide Segments?

Practice makes a man perfect. Vine Slide segments will be hard to master, especially if you’re a beginner.

Therefore, it’s better that you don’t focus on picking up maximum boxes at the start and focus more on maintaining your balance.

Lookout for animation delays when moving to the underside of the vine, and work on your grip changes.

Good timing and good reflexes are key to mastering vine slide segments of the game.

Feel the Music

Music, beats, and rhythms have an important part to play in the challenges and boss fights. Your enemies will move along with the rhythm.

Therefore, turn up the volume and start noticing the rhythm. Once you get the hang of it, you can take on pretty much any challenge and fight.

Make Use of the Yellow Marker

A yellow marker will follow Crash, and it is visible beneath its feet. It actually has a purpose, and that is to help you place your jumps correctly.

Keep an eye on the yellow marker when you’re in the air and you’ll know where Crash is about to land, or should I say crash?

Double Jump and Slide-Kick will Help You

The double jump will not only help you clear bigger obstacles but also help you change direction mid-air.

Similarly, slide-kick coupled with jump will help you in clearing longer distances and help you stay in the air for a longer duration.

Big jumps don’t end here. You can also admire the skies a little longer if you use ducking and double jump together.


Crash Bandicoot 4 is dotted with all kinds of collectibles.

Wumpa Fruit
You’ll find them in boxes. A meter will fill up as you collect them and give you clear gems.

If you’re playing the Classic mode, you’ll get an extra life if you collect 100 Wumpa Fruits.

They are the most abundant collectibles in the game. Collecting all of them in a single level will reward you with a gem.

In each, level you’ll find 6 clear gems and 4 colored gems. Collect all of them to achieve a 100% completion score.

Time Trial Relics
Once you’ve completed a level, Time Trial will be unlocked for that level. Complete the Time Trial level to earn Time Trial Relics. Boss Fights don’t have Time Trial Levels.

Flashback Tapes
They’ll only be available on some levels if you make it till the end without dying. They’ll unlock new and more challenging stages.

N. Verted Mode

This mode will flip the game screen in such a way that you’ll feel like playing on a mirror projection of the game.

Completing the Trouble Brewing level of the main story will unlock N. Verted mode.

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