Crash Bandicoot 4 It’s About Time Hidden Gem Locations Guide

In our Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time All Hidden Gems Locations Guide, we’ll cut short the work for you and give you an insight into all the places where you can find these much-coveted gems.

Crash Bandicoot 4 It’s About Time Hidden Gem Locations

In Crash Bandicoot 4, each level features one hidden gem, meaning that there are a total of 76 Hidden Gems that this brand-new iteration has to offer (38 in Normal Levels and 38 in N.Verted Levels).

The significance of these gems can be illustrated by the fact that upon their collection, you’re able to unlock Skins, earn numerous trophies and achievements and last but not least, achieve the feet of 100% game completion.

Our guide below details the location of each single of them that is currently available. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into it!

Rude Awakening
In this level, you’ll come across a hut after the rail ride. Crouch under it and jump up to collect this hidden gem tucked away at the bottom of the hut.

N.Sanity Peak
When you’re busy evading the big monsters when they come after you, you can find this gem on your way to the left.

A Real Grind
When the level is about to finish, you’ll see a platform to your left. You can find this gem on the top of this platform.

Crash Compacter
At the end of your first Rail Grind, you’ll see a silver box with an exclamation mark underneath. Hit it.

This will prompt the opening of a door on the panel where you would’ve just defeated a big enemy. You can collect this gem from inside that panel.

Hit The Road
From the top of the elevator shaft where you’ll get your hands on the Lani-Loli mask, jump over the fire to get to rightward platform.

Now, for two consecutive time, do a slide followed by a double jump, first to the left and then to the right.

This will lead you directly to the platform where you can find this gem.

Truck Stopped
After a rope swing, you’ll pass grapple point. Right after that, you’ll encounter a flying enemy. Eliminate it and jump up the wall in front.

Ahead of you, you’ll see a crane carrying a car. On your right, there will be a platform with this gem on it. Hop onto it and collect the gem.

Booty Calls
After the bonus stage platform, jump past the two consecutive platforms ahead.

On your right, you’ll see another wooden platform with a chest placed on it.

Hop onto this platform and crush open the chest to acquire the hidden gem inside.

Thar He Bowls!
Right after the level begins, you can find this gem over the water near the 2nd TNT barrel.

Hook, Line and Sinker
After passing through a checkpoint, jump up to the platform in front.

Again, jump up to the platform above and you’ll find yourself laying eyes on this hidden gem!

Jetboard Jetty
After you’re done with the raft section, you’ll see 6 steel boxes above which this hidden gem will be hovering about.

Give IT A Spin
You can find this hidden gem on the very right of the firs TNT crates.

Potion Commotion
Right after the level starts, you’ll have to carry jump up some walls to move ahead. Carry out the wall jumps and from the point where you’ll land, head south.

Drop down to the ledge from where you’ll be able to acquire this gem.

Draggin’ On
Moments after you’re through with the level’s Bonus Path, you’ll come across an alcove. At its entrance, Spin to the far left of it and knock down the ‘cat’ enemy.

Now, head back to the alcove’s entrance and once again, make a spin to the far left until you hit this hidden gem. Once you do, you’ll be able to collect it.

N/A at the moment.

Off Beat
N/A at the moment.

Home Cookin’
N/A at the moment.

Run It Bayou
N/A at the moment.

No Dillo Dallying
N/A at the moment.

Snow Way Out
N/A at the moment.

Ship Happens
N/A at the moment.

Stay Frosty
At the top of the green-colored elevator shaft, this gem is located on the platform to the left.

Bears Repeating
Near the junction of the green pipeline network, you’ll find this hidden gem in a box placed on the platform to the right.

Building Bridges
This hidden gem is located on the platform with black and yellow edges, near the water supply system.

Blast to the Past
During the rail grind, you can find this hidden gem behind an obstacle of some tree branches.

Fossil Fueled
N/A at the moment.

Dino Dash
N/A at the moment.

Rock Blocked
This hidden gem can be found at the center of a platform in front of mushroom-looking flower.

Before you can pick it up, you’ll have to take down the enemy guarding it.

Out For Launch
N/A at the moment.

Shipping Error
N/A at the moment.

Stowing Away
N/A at the moment.

Crash Landing
N/A at the moment.

Food Run
N/A at the moment.

Rush Hour
N/A at the moment.

The Crate Escape
N/A at the moment.

Nitro Processing
This hidden gem can be picked up from the top of one of the spinning wheels.

Toxic Tunnels
N/A at the moment.

Cortex Castle
N/A at the moment.

Seeing Double
N/A at the moment.

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