New Starfield Leaked Images Show Space Suit & Faction Logo

Starfield has been the subject of another leak and which comes as unsurprising since the same source of the previous leaks did claim that there were a lot more in store. Hence, this new leak will probably be not the end.

The said leaked images from earlier today (via Reddit) showcase a space suit-wearing character model from all angles. The model may or may not be representing the player-controlled character since Starfield has been assumed to once again support first- and third-person perspectives that switch between gameplay and cutscenes. Previously leaked images have also showcased a third-person camera. Bethesda Softworks might as well be adding an over-the-shoulder perspective.

A couple of the other leaked images showcase textures and assets that are probably being used in structures or the spacecraft—presumed to be a player-hub—from a few days back. The last one, however, carries a bit of interest because it is said to represent a faction logo. The Elder Scrolls and Fallout have always featured several factions to either ally with or against. Starfield with its space exploration should follow similarly.

Starfield remains in development without a release window. There have only been rumors with some claiming a release in 2021 and others claiming a release beyond that. Bethesda Softworks has maintained radio silence since the game was announced a couple of years ago. The developer has clearly noted that the game will be shown once deemed ready. Considering the recent flak that Bethesda Softworks had to deal with for Fallout 76, the notion of prioritizing a finished and polished product over a half-baked release should be assuring.

Besides the game, Bethesda Softworks itself has now become part of Microsoft following the acquisition of parent company ZeniMax Media for a blistering $7.5 billion. Microsoft may possibly consider some form of exclusivity once Starfield rolls out.

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