Genshin Impact Nine Pillars of Peace Walkthrough

In this Genshin Impact Nine Pillars of Peace Quest walkthrough, we will take you through one of the side quests in Genshin Impact called “9 Pillars of Peace”.

While Genshin Impact has a very detailed quest log that has all the main quests or region related quests written in it, it also has a plethora of side quests that you can come across during your adventures around Teyvat.

One such quest is the ‘9 Pillars of Peace’ which is available in the Geo region.

Genshin Impact Nine Pillars of Peace

First of all, you have to make sure that your Statue of the Seven in Geo region is Level 10 (max level) or you won’t be able to start this quest.

Now, head over to the Cuijue Slope area on the map (marked with a red square below) and start the quest by interacting with the stone in the middle.

After that, you need to activate 9 pillars that are not marked on your map but thankfully they are in the same vicinity.

They look like orange totems and are spread around in a circle in the same area.

You can activate them by climbing and putting an “Inlaid Stone of Remembrance” inside each of the pillars. So, you need to have 9 of these stones.

(You get an “Inlaid Stone of Remembrance each time you level up your Statue of the Seven in the Geo region)

Once you are done with that, a temple’s door will open up. You need to head inside and explore it while defeating several powerful enemies.

You will be fighting a Golem, a swarm of Geovishap Hatchlings and your final battle will be against a Ruin Hunter who is quite strong.

So, make sure to bring loads of food with you to keep your party members in top condition throughout the encounter.

After the battle is over, loot all the chests inside the temple. One of the chests will have a Dull Ring inside.

Paimon will appear and suggest that you find someone who has a good eye for antiques so you can sell the ring for a good price.

You have to take this ring to Lilang, the owner of Xigu Antiques. She will offer you 200,000 Mora for the ring.

She resides in the Liyue Harbor which is in the bottom area of the Map.

After you are done talking to her, the “9 Pillars of Peace” quest will be completed.

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