Genshin Impact Elemental Reactions Guide

For this Genshin Impact Elemental Reactions guide, we’ll be showing you exactly what effect each element has on an enemy, and how you can combine them to create deadly effects for your opponent.

Genshin Impact has a good amount of depth to its combat, and if you’re studying it on the surface level, you might miss out on a few key features that can further maximize your damage output.

Genshin Impact Elemental Reactions

Before we talk about elemental combinations through co-operation and by combining your own elements, let’s talk fundamentals.

Each element has its own effect on enemies. Below is a list detailing how enemies will react to each element in the world.

Status Effects

Slow down your opponent by reducing their movement speed.

Casting Electro in a body of water can be deadly. Any enemies standing within will be affected by the Electro-Charged elemental reaction.

The same effect can be replicated if you make the enemies wet yourself.

The ‘Crystallization’ effect due to the Geo element causes the affected enemy to deal less elemental damage.

Absorbs target’s elemental energy and drops a crystal which will give the player an elemental shield.

The acquired shield will absorb damage until it depletes.

Make your target wet, which can be used to your advantage by combining with other elements.

Inflict small burning on your target and cause 3 damage per second.

Ley Line Disorders

Certain monsters in the Genshin Impact world (Spiral Abyss and Abyssal Domain enemies) release an aura that will put negative effects on the character if they’re present within the Area of Effect.

Using elemental reactions on your own character can allow you to become temporarily immune to such effects.

Engulfing Storm
With Electro, you can continuously drain Energy Recharge.

Slowing Water
Increase your skill CD time.

Smoldering Flames
Damages you overtime with the burn effect.

Condensed Ice
You’ll get tired more easily due to increased stamina consumption.

Elemental Reactions

Combine elements to trigger reactions that can help you gain over the edge against your opponents in the battlefield.

Combine Dendro and Pyro to deal Pyro damage over time.

Start it off with Geo, and combine it with Cryo, Electro, Hydro, and Pyro to create a crystal that will provide your character with shield that protects you from the incoming damage.

Deal Electro DMG over-time when you combine Hydro with Electro.

Combine Hydro and Cryo to freeze the target in place.

Use Cryo and Pyro together to deal extra DMG to your enemies.

Deal Pyro DMG in an Area of Effect combining Electro and Pyro.

Deal AoE Cryo DMG to reduce the enemy’s Physical RES by 50% combining Cryo and Electro.

Start off with Anemo, and combine it with Cryo, Electro, Hydro and Pyro to deal extra elemental DMG and spread the effect.

Combine Hydro and Pyro to deal extra damage.

Elemental Resonance

By choosing characters in your party that utilize the same element, your whole party will receive bonuses which can stack up to make you sturdier in the field. These bonuses apply in Co-Op mode.

Enduring Rock
By utilizing two Geo users, you are able to increase your RES to interruption. If you have a shield on, then increase your Attack DMG by 15%.

Fervent Flames
Combine two Pyro elementals to gain resistance to Cryo and shake it off for 40% less time. Increase your ATK by 25% as well.

Soothing Waters
Be affected by Pyro for 40% less time. Increase your incoming healing by 30%.

Impetuous Winds
With two Anemo elementals, you are able to decrease your stamina depletion by 15% and increase your Movement SPD by 10%. Shorten your Skill CD by 5% as well.

High Voltage
Combine two Electro elementals to gain resistance to Hydro, and be affected by it for 40% less time.

Superconduct, Overloaded, and Electro-Charged have a 100% chance to generate Electro Elemental Particle which has a CD of 5 seconds.

Shattering Ice
With two Cryo elementals, you will be affected by Electro for 40% less time. Increase your CRIT Rate against frozen enemies (Or affected by Cryo) by 15%.

Protective Canopy
Have 4 Unique Elements in your party to gain additional 15% Elemental Resistance