Genshin Impact Beginner’s Guide

The action RPG Gacha game Genshin Impact has many different elements and systems that could seem daunting. Don’t worry, though, we have the complete beginner’s guide to help you get your bearings in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Beginner’s Guide

While on the surface Genshin Impact might look like a simple mobile game, and it is to some extent, the RPG mechanics actually run a lot deeper.

Unlock Daily Commissions

In Genshin Impact, Daily commissions are like daily quests that are unlocked once players reach a specific Adventure Rank.

Daily commissions are simple tasks players can complete for useful rewards. Daily commissions in Genshin Impact are unlocked at Adventure Rank 12 and can be started from the Adventure Guild.

Players can have up to 4 daily commissions, and they are highlighted purple on the map.

The rewards depend upon which adventure rank bracket you fall in.

The better the Adventure rank, the better the rewards are. The Adventure Rank brackets in Genshin Impact are:

  • 12-13
  • 16-19
  • 20-24
  • 25-29
  • 30-34

Players will also gain tier-1 Adventurer Treasure Pack when you redeem the completion bonus from the Adventure Guild.

Collect Ley Lines

In Genshin Impact, Ley Lines are magical springs that provide rewards when touched.

They are of two types; Ley Lines of Revelation, which are unlocked at Adventure Rank 8.

The other one is called Ley Lines of Wealth, and they are unlocked at Adventure Rank 12.

Ley Lines of Revelation are blue wisps marked on the map and provide character XP materials. On the other hand, Ley Lines of Wealth are golden wisps that give you Mora, which is Genshin Impact’s in-game currency.

To unlock a Ley Line, head to it and interact with it. You will have to clear some enemies before the reward blossom appear. To pop the blossom, you will have to pay 20 Resin.

Increase Stamina/ Statue of the Seven Blessings

No beginner’s guide to Genshin impact would be complete without mentioning stamina. Stamina is vital as you need it to climb, run, swim, or glide for a longer time without having to rest.

You can increase Stamina by collecting Anemoculus and then donating it to Statues of the Seven.

Anemoculus are blue orbs, which can you can find scattered across the map. When you are near one, it will be marked on your mini-map.

Once you collect an Anemoculus, you can donate it to one of the Statues of the Seven dotted across the open world.

They are labeled on the map with a pointed blue orb. Once you get to one, just donate the Anemoculus to increase your stamina bar.

How to Unlock and Use Alchemy

In Genshin Impact, Alchemy is essential as it allows you to craft your own weapons and Ascension materials.

To unlock alchemy, head to the Timaeus, who is a vendor in Mondstadt city. Here, interact with the pedestal in front of him to enter the Alchemy menu.

From here, you can combine ingredients and items to craft a few things.

Using the Alchemy Menu, you can craft different essential oils, weapon and character Ascension materials, and several other items.

You can combine three of an Ascension material with alchemy to create a higher rarity version of that material.

How to Unlock Dispatch/Expedition System

In Genshin Impact, the Dispatch/Expedition allows you to farm different items passively. To unlock this feature, you need to reach Adventure Rank 14.

Once you have reached Adventure Rank 14, you will be given a short quest to visit the Adventure Guild in Mondstadt.

Here, you will unlock the ability to send characters from your roster to expeditions.

To send a character on an expedition, pick the area and amount of dispatch time. You can recall a character at any time from an expedition.

The longer the mission, the more items a character will acquire. Expedition will also continue while you are offline.

Increase your Resin

The Resin system limits what you can do in a day in Genshin Impact. Resin is accumulated over time and is required for many different activities and tasks.

A player can have a maximum of 120 Resin at a time with 1 resin restored every 8 minutes. The following activities consume your Resin.

  • Ley Line Outcrops: 20 Resin
  • Weekly Bosses: 60 Resin
  • Abyssal Domains: 20 Resin
  • Hypostasis: 40 Resin

Keep in mind that you can participate in these four activities without Resin too, but you won’t be able to claim the rewards.

You can also increase Resin with some other items. Fragile Resin is one of them, and it will grant you 60 Original Resin when used. But it is very rare to get.

Primogems can also be used to grab 60 Resin six times a day, but the price increases each time. The prices are 50, 100, 100, 150, 200, and 200 respectively for each turn.

Cooking Meals

In Genshin Impact, you will need proper ingredients to cook up meals. You can cook meals at cooking fires, which are present throughout the map.

Meals help keep you and your party’s health full. When near a cooking flame or pot, you will get a “Cook” prompt, which you can use to bring the cooking menu in Genshin Impact.

To cook meals, all you need is the correct recipe and proper ingredients. You can find recipes from different quests, good hunter restaurants, and the open world.

If you are short of any of the required items, the recipe will be grayed out.

The more perfect meals you cook, the more proficient you will become (with max proficiency even unlocking auto-cook!)