FIFA 21 Connectivity Issues Plague EA Play

The FIFA 21 Early Access is now available for players to test the game early however, it does come with its fair share of connectivity issues though. As it seems, the launch of FIFA 21 brought around a chain of disconnects in EA Play. This coincides with the release of Star Wars Squadrons which counts a significantly large player base right now.

Right now, EA Play faces connectivity issues due to the FIFA 21 Early Access which causes slow loading in both the store and the EA Forums. Players report errors in connecting to the game as well as going in online play. This is a big issue for a company of Electronic Arts’ caliber. However, we hope the issue will subside soon.

For a company that faces such big server problems every time a major release is coming, EA should be prepared more. The fact that the publisher releases the early access for FIFA 21 and Star Wars Squadrons at the same time does ring the connectivity issue bells. The company had to even push back the NA release of the new Star Wars game, something that means that there are still issues to be addressed.

Apart from not being able to connect properly to FIFA 21, players have the bad luck to experience issues with connecting to the EA forum as well. This week, the FIFA fan base will join the forums, post feedback, and share issues to help the developers ship the game in perfect condition. When this functionality is not working properly though, even the developers will have a hard time addressing the issues.

Let’s hope that EA will manage to stabilize the status of its servers soon so that FIFA 21 players can get rid of all the connectivity issues plaguing the game right now. For more news on how the situation progresses, you should stay tuned to the EA support center and Twitter.

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