Betagames 171 Platforms To Include Next-Gen And Current-Gen Platforms

Brazilian development studio Betagames has said that they plan for their upcoming game 171 to not only come to PC next year, but also to the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 alongside the different video game platforms this generation. All of the 171 platforms will hopefully allow the upcoming indie game to be well-received.

This comes from a recent tweet that the developer posted that announced that the studio had partnered with QUByte Interactive in order to bring the game not just to next-gen platforms but also current-gen ones, when previously the game had been on track to be PC exclusive.

171 has been talked about in the past as a Brazilian clone of the Grand Theft Auto series, especially given its setup as an open-world game taking place in a city and full of cops and street thugs. While the developers don’t appreciate the comparison, it’s unavoidable considering the gameplay.

One of Brazil’s most well-known areas are the favelas, essentially small shanty-towns placed in areas of large cities such as Rio de Janiero that are home to a large number of poor people and are also havens for various kinds of crime.

Originally announced back in 2015, it seems like with the announcement of the different 171 platforms, along with a release window, that the game is finally close to being ready for release. The game will feature other urban open-world game hallmarks including exploration both on vehicles and on foot.

It’s likely that the game has taken this long not just because of the scale, but also because of how much detail Betagames has been putting into it. The way that buildings look, the way Brazilian people react to robberies, water tanks, and antennae all figure into making the game look and feel right to a Brazilian player.

171 has previous had pre-alpha periods and other points where interested content creators could play the game, but with the announcement and desire for all of the different 171 platforms hopefully means that we’ll be getting a real trailer and a full release date in the near future.