Spider-Man Remastered PS5 Footage Compared To PS4 Original

Insomniac Games had been touting how Spider-Man Remastered should not be labelled as just any other remaster. Many of the base assets and models were updated to be in line with next-generation graphics. Fans can now judge for themselves as to how the overhauled PS5 version compares to the PS4 original.

Following the recent release of actual PS5 gameplay footage that shows Spider-Man Remastered in action, several YouTube channels like ElAnalistaDeBits and Ultimate Gamerz have gone ahead to do side-by-side comparisons between both the remastered and original games by using the same footage and scenes.

Some of the major improvements that stand out significantly have to be the beautiful ray-traced reflections alongside ambient shadows and new global illumination systems for natural lighting. Spider-Man Remastered, by all accounts, will be showing off a shiny coast of paint on PlayStation 5 this holiday season.

The one bone of contention which has many players mulling over is the obvious change of the web-slinger himself. Peter Parker was recast by Insomniac Games. John Bubniak was the original actor who played the protagonist in the PS4 version. Ben Jordan is the new actor who was cast in Spider-Man Remastered. His facial model resembles Tom Holland from the recent Marvel movies and which fans are finding it hard to get used to, particularly when seeing how the new Peter Parker appears more mature than before and a bit estranged on the PS4 Pro.

Spider-Man Remastered will be available digitally as part of the Miles Morales Ultimate Edition. The overhauled game will unfortunately not be able to read the original PS4 save files, meaning that players will have to start a brand new playthrough. The game will be available alongside PS5 on November 12, 2020.

Remember that next-generation enhancements are not the only incentives. Spider-Man Remastered will also receive three new suits, one of which Sony Interactive Entertainment has confirmed to be the Amazing Suit.

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