Sony Reveals October PS Plus Games, Vampyr And Need For Speed

The October PS Plus game shave been revealed today by Sony, giving players a sneak peek at the new games that will be becoming available when September comes to an end today. Interested gamers can expect to pick up Dontnod’s Vampyr and Need For Speed: Payback, both starting on October 6.

Vampyr is, again, a game from Dontnod Entertainment, the same developers behind Life is Strange and Tell Me Why. Coming out in 2018, the game flew under the radar for most, but still managed to get fairly positive reviews and sell over a million copies.

In the game, you play as Jonathon Reid, a doctor who has recently been turned into a vampire. While attempting to uncover the truth of a mysterious plague ravaging London, Reid must fight against his base vampire instincts to feed on the people of London.

The second of the two different October PS Plus games is Need For Speed: Payback, which came out in 2017 to more mixed reviews. Taking place in an open-world environment based on Las Vegas, players play as a member of an underground racing team who must liberate the city from the iron grip of a criminal cartel known as the House.

The game’s main marketing gimmick along with being an “action racing” game was the mechanic of being able to find wrecked cars out in the desert, which you could then take back to your base and trick out into new racing cars with parts that you collect.

Even if neither of the games in the current October PS Plus games lineup made much of an impact (Vampyr flying under the radar and Payback getting poor reviews and almost immediately disappearing from the public eye), the fact that they’re both free means that you can try out either one of them without losing any money.

Both games will be available from October 6 to November 2. It’s a good time to try and take advantage, considering that October will be the last month before the Playstation 5 releases in November.