New Smash Bros Character Announcement Coming Tomorrow, Who Could It Be?

Nintendo dropped a bombshell announcement today on their Twitter by announcing that tomorrow at 7 AM Pacific Standard Time, a brand new Super Smash Bros Ultimate character would be getting announced. Smash fans are already guessing who the Smash Bros character announcement could be. The presentation, however, will only be three minutes.

There are a large number of different prospective characters that could be used to fill this most recent slot, and the entire Smash community is guessing as to who it might be, whether it’s another Pokemon character, the by-now-memetic absence of Waluigi, or even Dante from the Devil May Cry series.

Previous character additions to Super Smash Bros Ultimate have included characters like Byleth from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Banjo from the Banjo-Kazooie series, Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury, and most recently Min Min from ARMS.

Of course, some of the fan-wanted options for the new Smash Bros character announcement can be quite outlandish, as many believe that simply being on a Nintendo console is enough to qualify, leaving us with character suggestions such as Doomguy.

Other, less popular and well-known characters have also been suggested, such as Geno, one of the characters from Super Mario RPG. While Geno has appeared in the game as a Spirit in the World of Light game mode, some have been holding out hope that he’ll eventually become a full character.

Nintendo still has to strike a fine balance, however, since Super Smash Bros has had more than its fair share of characters of a certain archetype over the years. Byleth, for instance, faced a huge backlash when they were revealed due to players seeing it as yet another sword character (despite their different attacks involving their weapon changing.)

There’s also the option that the new character could be another Pokemon, especially since Pokemon Sword and Shield has released since Smash Ultimate came out. But, again, we’ll have to wait until tomorrow at 7 AM Pacific Standard Time to see the character for ourselves.