J.K. Rowling “Has The Right To Hold Her Opinions,” Says Hogwarts Legacy Publisher

The announcement of Hogwarts Legacy has left most fans of the Harry Potter franchise in an unpleasant situation. One one hand, a triple-a role-playing game based on the wizarding world is something any fan would love to dive in. On the other hand, the transphobic and controversial beliefs of author J.K. Rowling have been pushing fans to boycott the game in protest.

Speaking with employees in a recent address, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment President David Haddad was asked to comment on Hogwarts Legacy and how its announcement came on the backs of controversial comments made by Rowling on social media.

Haddad stated that “Rowling is the creator of Harry Potter and we are bringing that to life with the power of Portkey Games,” a publishing label founded by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment in the past few years and which will be handling publishing duties for Hogwarts Legacy. Rowling is also “a private citizen” and that means she is “entitled to express her personal opinion on social media.”

“I may not agree with her and I might not agree with her stance on a range of topics,” continued Haddad, “but I can agree that she has the right to hold her opinions.”

Warner Bros. Interactive has already ascertained that Hogwarts Legacy is being developed without the involvement of Rowling. The story itself was written from scratch as well and was not penned by Rowling. However, since she owns rights to the Harry Potter franchise, she will likely be paid for the use of her intellectual property, which is something fans are not too keen about.

Hogwarts Legacy remains to be detailed by developer Avalanche Software but has been given a tenative release window of 2021.

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