GTFO Dev 10 Chambers Signs Off “Major Stake” To Tencent

Chinese behemoth Tencent has acquired a “major stake” in Swedish developer 10 Chambers Collective as part of a major push into the western games market.

10 Chambers Collective is best known for GTFO, a cooperative first-person shooter that currently remains in early access on Steam. The studio was founded in 2015 by former staffers of Starbreeze Studios, the developer behind Payday 2 and The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena.

According to a press release (via GamesIndustry) from earlier today, 10 Chambers Collective was in need of “more muscle” to achieve its “ambitious long-term vision” and where Tencent entered with an attractive proposition.

“As we’re closing in on six years of development of GTFO, we’ve realized that our ambitious long-term vision for our studio will need more muscle,” said creative director Ulf Andersson. “We needed to find a partner that gives us the creative freedom to reach these new heights, while at the same time support our long-term commitment to the GTFO community. For the future of the studio as a whole; it makes it even more exciting.”

Details about the acquisition have not been revealed to the public. 10 Chambers Collective has only confirmed to have signed off a major stake to Tencent. It remains to be verified whether that was a majority stake which would give Tencent a controlling interest in the Swedish studio.

In the meantime, GTFO continues to gain positive feedback despite being in early access for nearly a year. The game has already been in development for four years and following its early access release, continues to receive timely content updates. 10 Chambers Collective has not confirmed a release date but has noted that the early access period will last until the end of the year. Hence, GTFO should be eying an official release sometime in early 2021.

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