Call of Duty Warzone SP-R 208 Builds With Best Attachments

In this Call of Duty Warzone SP-R 208 Builds guide we will tell you how to unlock this majestic Sniper Rifle in Warzone and help you unlock its full potential by giving you some absolutely OP Builds to dominate your opponents with.

Warzone SP-R 208 Builds

In this guide, we will take a look at the loadout and Attachments that you can pair up with SPR 208 marksman rifle.

This is a very strong weapon, and having a good build that works well with this weapon would be just perfect for this game.

Let’s get started with how you can get this weapon.

How to Unlock SP-R 208

SP-R 208 is also known as the ‘R700’ sniper rifle, which was an immensely loved weapon from Call of Duty 4 because of its high damage and mobility.

Here’s how you can unlock this weapon:

In the previous seasons of the game, there were also two additions to the weapons arsenal, and to unlock them you had to get to Tier 15 and 30, and it would be the case in this season as well.

You will get the SP-R 208 when you get to Tier 15 on the battle pass.

However, this is tentative because, as of the time of writing this guide, the season has not started.

This weapon is the absolute monster in multiplayer and Warzone, and if your choice of Attachments is right, you can become unstoppable.

The SP-R 208 can be a great weapon for sniping from long distances, and it can even be great for close-ranges.

You can quick-scope or no-scope with the weapon.

In short, for any scenario, this weapon can be perfectly modified. Now let’s take a look at the builds.

The Close-Range Multiplayer Build

Following is the list of attachments that would go best with the SP-R 208 for multiplayer games.

  • Monolithic Suppressor as Muzzle
  • SP-R 26″ as Barrel
  • XRK SP-LITE 208 Blitz as Stock
  • .338 Lapua Mag 5-R Magazine as Ammunition
  • Sloan KR-600 Feather Bolt as Assembly

If you equip these attachments, this weapon will become unstoppable at close ranges while still being effective for long ranges.

It can easily compete with the Mk.2 Carbine in the game with these attachments.

Let’s take a look at what these attachments bring to the table.

The damage range is increased by the use of The Monolithic Suppressor , and the same effect is gained by using the SP-R 26″ Barrel.

There is an increase in the ADS speed from The XRK SP-LITE 208 Blitz stock.

The shooting speed is increased significantly by the Sloan KR-600 Feather Bolt Assembly because of its ability to chamber rounds faster.

In the end, the .338 Lapua Mag 5-R Magazine will add a lot of damage per round to this weapon, making it a necessary attachment.


Here is another list of attachments that will make this weapon much better to be used for long-range combat:

  • Monolithic Suppressor as Muzzle
  • SP-R 26″ as Barrel
  • Variable Zoom Scope as Optic
  • .338 Lapua Mag 5-R Magazine as Ammunition
  • Sloan KR-600 Feather as Bolt Assembly

These attachments would be best for any long-range combat you have in the game.

These attachments make this marksman rifle no less than a sniper rifle, the only difference between the close range.

Each attachment has its benefits, which are mostly explained in the above build.

The only difference is the scope with which you get variable zoom so that you can take out a target at medium and long ranges.

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