Starfield Leaked Image Possibly Shows The Player-Hub

Following a similar leak in the last couple of weeks, another image has surfaced online that could possibly be a first-look at the player-hub or at least one of the player-hubs in Starfield.

The image below was shared earlier today on Discord (via Reddit) and appears to be from the same source behind the last leak. It contains no environments except for a player-controller character and a looming space vessel. The word “lab” can barely be read on the side of the parked craft and provided that the allegedly leaked image is of Starfield, the shown space lab could perhaps be a player-hub that players will be returning to between missions.

Such minimal scenes are usually drawn up by developers to test out gameplay mechanics or level designs. Hence, it would not be surprising to know that Bethesda Softworks has been testing out Starfield in such manner. Even more interesting is that the leaker has claimed to have more screenshots on hand, meaning that more leaks can be expected down the road.

Bethesda Softworks has refrained from confirming a release window and has stated that gameplay reveal will only happen once the game has reached a finishing point in development. The slow and steady approach is why many have speculated a release somewhere in the next couple of years. However, according to the leaker of screenshots, Starfield is being targeted for a release in 2021.

Starfield will be powered by the Creation Engine which has received the “largest engine overhaul since Oblivion” to create vast next-generation worlds.

The upcoming science-fiction role-playing game, the first new franchise to be introduced by Bethesda Softworks in nearly two decades, was announced back in 2018 and remains without any significant details. The only major happening in somewhat context is that Bethesda Softworks and its parent company ZeniMax Media has been acquired by Microsoft for a blistering $7.5 billion.

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