PS5 To Support Wishlists, Personalized Parties, Media Sharing, Cross-Gen Chat

Sony Interactive Entertainment has apparently been sitting on several software-related unannounced features for PlayStation 5. Some of them have now been leaked roughly a month ahead of the PS5 launch, meaning that an official acknowledgement should be around the corner.

According to an updated source code (via ResetEra) of the PlayStation Store website, wishlists will be supported by the new next-generation console. PS5 will also allow users to create parties for up to a hundred members as well as personalize said parties by setting a name and uploading an image.

The new Create button on the DualSense controller, which replaces the previous Share button, will further allow users to capture and send gameplay clips and screenshots; music albums and playlists, voice notes, event updates and announcements, and more with either friends or parties on PS5.

It also appears that backwards compatible games that support boost mode on PS5 will be marked as such. Hence, the PS4 games that do not support the functionality will give players a warning. Sony has also been working on cross-generation party chat that will allow messages and chats across PS4 and PS5. However, it remains to be verified if the cross-generation support will be on a system level or for certain games.

Speaking of cross-generation support, note that backwards compatibility will allow players to insert their PS4 discs into PS5 as long as the game has been deemed backwards compatible. This obviously will only work with the standard model and not the all-digital edition which comes without a disc drive.

PlayStation 5 will officially launch on November 12, 2020, for $500. Its digital edition will retail for $400. Unlike Xbox Series S which trims down Xbox Series X in terms of hardware specifications, the PS5 digital edition will sport the same hardware except for the disc drive.

With pre-orders going live and selling out within minutes, Sony has assured that additional waves of inventories will keep rolling in to ensure that majority of consumers have a next-generation console to play on this holiday season.

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