Mafia DE Moonlighting Walkthrough

The Mafia Definitive Edition is finally here in all of its glory. In this Mafia DE Moonlighting walkthrough, we will be jumping right into 1938 to complete the quest, where players will be performing a bank robbery.

Mafia DE Moonlighting

The mission starts with us entering and taking control of the bank, and then we move to the first floor to find the manager.

Follow the map marker to the end of the hall once you climb the stairs. Get the manager and follow him downwards to the vault.

Keep your gun trained on the manager as you escort him down.

Even though you will instruct him to call off his guard, they won’t let him finish talking and start attacking you.

Kill all of them to continue. Make use of a first Aid kit in a corner office if you need it.

Once the guards are dealt with, go and get the vault key from the manager, make your way inside the vault and start looting.

Unfortunately, the cops arrive as you are emptying the vault. Kill them off to make way for you and your partner to escape.

After coming out of the basement to the ground floor, make your way to the back exit, following the map marker.

Get in the parked vehicle, and now you must drive as fast you can and try to shake off the cops.

Try to ram cops off the roads, take alleyway routes, and try to stay off the main road.

The best approach is to hide in a lawn or alleyway once you are out of sight of the cops, and wait them out.

Once you are free of the cops, make your way to the drop off location.

Then a cutscene ensues where you and Paulie celebrate with a drink, and your character decides to go back to Sarah, hence ending his mission.

This was the Moonlighting Heist mission from Mafia Definitive Edition; For more of the same, make sure to check our archives.

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