Mafia DE Happy Birthday Walkthrough

This guide will help you with the main mission 14 of Mafia Definitive Edition, known as Happy Birthday. In this walkthrough of Mafia DE Happy Birthday, we’ll run you through all the locations you need to go to and the people you have to find to complete the mission.

Mafia DE Happy Birthday

As this mission starts, you will see Luigi standing there. As you approach him, he will inform you that you are needed upstairs. Then you have to enter the door that’s on your left.

You will enter a restaurant, keep moving on your left, you will reach a room where you will see boxes placed on a snooker table.

On the right, you will see a door that will lead you to a staircase.

After you reach up, you will start to hear Salieri’s voice, approach the door on your left, and you will meet Salieri inside.

Get to the Docks
Use the staircase to go down and open the door on your right. This will lead you outside; afterward, you will see a vehicle on your left.

Enter the vehicle and use the map to reach the objective.

Find Sam
After you have arrived at the docks, you will have to find Sam. For that, follow the objective, you will enter a large party.

With the help of the map, you must find Paulie, and he’s standing by the docks. He will let you know the location of Sam, go to him.

Find the unconscious sailor.
Head straight and then take a right; on your left will be an entrance to a locker room.

After you enter the locker room, on your left will be the restroom, go inside. Open the toilet in the middle. There you will find the unconscious sailor.

Afterward, go back to where you found Sam. Now walk with Sam, he will take you to Paulie.

Board the Steamboat
On your left will be the objective mark. Go to this point for boarding.

Find the gun
Start moving towards the right, the other end of the ship that’s further from your location.

Keep going straight until you reach the end. When you are in the end, you will see a staircase going down.

Take the one on the left and go down. Just as you reach below, you will see another sailor there; he will give you the janitor’s location.

Talk to the janitor
Find the staircase and go down two levels. After that follow, the objective mark, which will take you to the engine room. There you will find the janitor.

Pick up key 
Find the key on the table that will be at your back while you are talking to the janitor.

Retrieve the gun
Go upstairs, after that, follow the objective mark. There you will find a man who will identify you being with Salieri, and then you will have a fistfight with him.

After beating him to unconsciousness, you will have to pick him up and take him to the toilet at the back.

Find a vantage point.
Search for the staircase, go up. Keep following the different objective marks that will lead you to the point you are looking for.

Stay in your default position till the fireworks go off. It will take some time. Now aim at Ghillotti’s and eliminate him.

Escape to speedboat
As soon as you eliminate Ghillotti, chaos will erupt. You will have to fight your way to the speedboat.

You cannot proceed without killing all the enemies that are on the top deck. After you kill everyone, your objective mark will be updated.

Keep following the different objective marks while killing all the enemies that are on your way. You will have to go down by two levels.

Finally, you will see the speedboat from where you will have to jump off the edge and escape.

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