Mafia DE Election Campaign Walkthrough

This Mafia DE Election Campaign Walkthrough is here to help you through the complete mission; Election Campaign from start to end.

Mafia DE Election Campaign

Election Campaign is a mission near the end of the main storyline of Mafia: Definitive Edition.

To complete it, you must assassinate Turnbull, a politician standing for election, and is against the Salieri Family.

Turnbull is the guy running for Governor, and he vows to defeat the Gangs. Salieri asks Tommy to take him out during his rally at the Central Island.

The plan is to snipe him from the tower of the Old Prison there.

Talk to Vincenzo
To begin, you must talk to Vincenzo about the gun; he’ll tell you that he has a gun waiting for you, locked in the tower of the Prison, and gives you the key.

You can then take a gun from his place for your security.

It’ll come to use when you have to escape the Old Prison from the cops after the deed is done.

Get to the Prison
Head out and grab a car to drive to the Old Prison marked on the map.

Beware not to get busted on the way; you’ll find that its quite a nuisance.

Find a way into the Prison
Once there, climb over the fence by the wooden shed to get in. on the right-hand side, you’ll see a man that’s waiting for you.

Talk to him, and he’ll tell you to follow the green hobo signs.

Go ahead and get to the left far corner of the area to find a pothole. This is your way into the Prison.

Drop down and turn right at the main channel, go across the broken door.

There will be a man there who seems to be annoyed by your presence. You can kill him to get rid of him.

Following that, turn into the path on the right following the hobo signs until you get to the stairs leading out. Climb them up and then head to the prison door towards the left.

Enter through and then pull the lever across from the cell door to open the cell door and enter. Now you’re actually inside the Prison.

Get to the Guard Tower
Head inside and turn left from the bathroom inside the big room. A woman is standing on the far side.

Talk to her and head out the door on the left. Go straight into another door leading to the central area.

You’ll find that the doors that exit into the central area are locked. Go through the broken window to pull the lever and open the doors.

Better be wary from here on, you might get attacked by the residents.

Take the stairs in the central area and head up two levels. There’s a fight waiting on the second one.

After you’ve disposed of the threat, find the green hobo sign on that level and pull the levers to unlock the door marked ‘B Wing.’ It has the green hobo sign on the inside as well.

Find the Guard Tower
Head on inside the B Wing, and through the room on the right, you’ll find yourself in a corridor.

Open the first door on the left that has the hobo sign. Go across the room, turn right to find the Guard Tower door on the left side.

There’s an alternate way through the kitchen as well.

Through the door, keep heading upstairs until you’re at the top, unlock the door using the key, and head outside.

Take the rifle placed there and point at the procession across the river to snipe the politician.

Once you’ve taken the shot, the police will converge on the Prison to find the suspect.

As soon as you try to exit the tower, the ground will collapse and take you with it.

Escape the Prison and Drive Home
When you gain consciousness, you must escape the Prison. By now, the whole Prison is being searched by the police.

Your health is critical, and you have to find a first aid kit asap.

On the way, stealthily take out the cops without getting spotted. Follow the marker; it’ll lead you out.

Once you have your health restored, you can engage in a shoot out and get out of there.

You can escape easily by jumping off a cell that has a broken wall. Just pull the lever on the second level of the stairway to unlock the cell and jump out.

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