Mafia DE Better Get Used To It Walkthrough

In this guide, we will break down the 7th main mission of the story campaign for Mafia: Definitive Edition. After reading our Mafia DE Better Get Used To It walkthrough, you will be able to find the thugs, beat them, and chase Billy.

Mafia DE Better Get Used To It

The mission starts with you, Salieri, Sam, and Paulie sitting on the conference table discussing to get rid of the thieves who stole from Sarah.

You will be told to talk with Vincenzo and meet Paulie in Chinatown.

Getting Ready
Head outside and follow the yellow diamond marker to Vincenzo’s Workshop.

Interact with the door and a cutscene will play where Vincenzo will give you baseball bats which he found from some old warehouse.

Drive to Chinatown
Grab a car from your garage and make your way towards Chinatown where you’ll find Paulie standing outside waiting for you.

A Short Meeting with Biff
Follow Paulie to Biff’s Pawn Shop where you’ll get some information about where the thieves are hiding.

Now go outside the shop and don’t forget to pick up the Dime Detective collectible from the covered couch on your way out.

On your way to the Service Station, there is a Comics collectible near a trash can near the end of the street.

Brawl at the Backyard
Paulie will take you to the place that Biff told the thieves were hiding at. Kick the door when you reach it. Now you will have to beat up the thieves that will come at you.

Billy is the leader of these thieves and will try to run when away he sees you.

Be quick with finishing the enemies and chase Billy. Jump over the fence and take cover to protect yourself.

Climb up the ladder and shoot the red barrels. This will help you to clear the yard.

Pick up the Super Science Stories collectible from the covered couch beside the stairs. Kill any remaining thieves and go through the area.

When you enter the bar area, there is a Cigarette Cards collectible on the counter of the bar.

Now go through the garage and interact with the back door to initiate a cutscene.

The Chase
Billy will enter a red car and drive away. Now your objective is to chase Billy and take him out.

You can get close to the car and ram it or you can shoot him from a distance. Your main priority is to keep him in your sights.

After some time, Billy will crash his car and the last cutscene will play. This will be the end of Chapter #7 of Mafia: Definitive Edition.

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