Genshin Impact Treasure Lost Treasure Found Walkthrough

Treasure Lost and Treasure Found is a main quest in Genshin Impact. In this quest, you will be helping out Soraya with the research of Guili Plains. In this guide, we have the complete walkthrough of the Genshin Impact Treasure Lost Treasure Found quest.

Genshin Impact Treasure Lost Treasure Found

To start this quest, talk to Soraya in Guili Plains. You can find Soraya west of the large ruins in Guili Plains. She will talk to you about the Liyue and what secrets they hold.

She will talk about the inscriptions on the Guili Assembly, which are at the ruins near her location.

In this quest, your task will be to help Soraya research the Guili Plains.

Your first objective will be to head inside the Guili Assembly and search five Stone Tablets.

Searching for the Stone Tablets
To find the Stone Tablets, open the quest menu, head to the Treasure Lost Treasure Found, and click navigate on the bottom.

This will bring up the locations of the Stone Tablets.

After you find the Stone tablets, head back to Soraya. She will translate all the Stone Tablets and share them with you.

After that is done, your next objective will be to go to the Luhua Pool and search for two more Stone Tablets. Again, use the menu to mark the locations.

Collect the Stone Tablets and return to Soraya.

On the Hunt for Jade Tablets
After this, head to Wangshu Inn to get the next objective. She will want you to find 4 Jade Plates. The first Jade Plate will be south of the Wangshu Inn.

It can be reached by jumping off from near Soraya and then gliding towards it.

The location is guarded by several slimes that you will have to defeat before collecting the plate.

The second Jade Plate is near Luhua Pool, where you found Stone Tablets the second time.

The third Jade Plate is located to the south of the Guili Assembly.

The fourth and last Jade Plate can be found northeast to the Guili Assembly area, right next to the Yaoguang Shoal.

It’s Ruin Hunting Time
After you collect all four Jade Plates, head back and talk to Soraya at the Wangshu Inn.

The final objective in this mission will be to find the final mystery ruin. It can be found in the middle of Guili Plains, north of the Guili Assembly.

You will have to fight three Ruin Guards on your way to collect this ruin.

After collecting the last ruin, return to Soraya to complete the quest and earn your rewards.