Blizzard’s Diablo 4 Shows Off Skill Tree, Postgame Content

Another quarter of the year is going, and that means it’s time for Blizzard Entertainment’s latest Diablo 4 quarterly update, where they tell their expectant fans about something new in Diablo 4. In this case, that’s the game’s skill tree, and how it’s been changed from previous Diablo games to suit this game.

To start off with, there’s the actual skills and talents that players will be able to make use of in the game. The Diablo 4 skill tree is divided into two areas, and is actually structured like a literal tree. The top part will be home to the skills that you can unlock by leveling up, while powerful passive bonuses are down at the tree’s bottom, in the roots.

You’ll be unlocking these passive points as you go up through the tree, and can spend them down in the roots. These passives will do things like increase your critical hit rate, and give critical hits new effects. Going down the various branches will open up new ways for you to use your powers, and you can’t just expect to get all of them over the course of the game.

Blizzard says that they’re aiming for players to only have 30 to 40% of the nodes filled by the time they finish the game’s story and hit end-game, so you can focus on a certain way to build your character throughout the game and possibly branch out further as you play through the endgame.

Next in the Diablo 4 quarterly update is more information about the Sorceress class, and her Enchantment system. Much like the Barbarian’s own Arsenal system, where they can seamlessly switch between multiple weapons, the Sorceress’s enchantment system.

How it works is that you can place Sorceress skills in one of two slots: either the active skill slot, or an Enchantment slot. While an Enchantment skill won’t be usable, a Sorceress will gain a second bonus power. For instance, using the Meteor power as an active skill will let you call down a Meteor from above at any time. Putting it in the Enchantment slot will keep you from using it, but meteors will periodically fall from the sky onto your enemies.

Finally, there’s the endgame progression system. While the Diablo 4 quarterly update says that this bit will be part of the next update, the team is apparently very excited about it, and will hopefully help to make the game easy to learn but difficult to truly master, providing a good gameplay change over Diablo 3.

There’s still no information about when Diablo 4 will come out, but the game is looking very promising so far.