Xbox Series X Memory Needs 200 Gigs For Basic Files

Even if the Xbox Series X has a full terabyte of memory, you’ll be taking up a pretty decent chunk of it with just the console’s default files. Apparently, 200 gigabytes of the Xbox Series X memory space will be taken up by the basic setup files for the console post-setup.

The new for this comes from GameSpot, who already apparently has a Series X in their possession. However, this also will cut into the amount of memory that owners will need in order to fit all of their favorite games onto the console.

With game sizes getting bigger and bigger and installation being mandatory on all consoles, space these days is at a premium on most consoles. While Microsoft also has a number of storage-increasing devices, those also cost a few hundred dollars.

While games these days are fairly reasonably-sized, with the greater technology and graphical power going into them for the new consoles, the Xbox Series X memory may fill up faster than we think, and the Playstation 5 may have the same problem.

There are, of course, ways to get around this sort of issue, mainly cycling out game installations as you finish them and no longer want to play only to reinstall them later, but many gamers may think of that as a poor workaround, especially if there are many games they want to play.

Of course, alongside the additional storage devices that Microsoft is marketing for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, there could be other variants of the console down the road that have larger memory, or the setup files that take up so much room could be slimmed down.

Since there are going to be a huge amount of games coming out when the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 come out, fans may see the Xbox Series X memory filling up faster than they like, but we’ll have to see how the Xbox’s memory is allocated when it releases on November 10.