Xbox Series X Can Switch Between A Dozen Games Through Quick Resume

Xbox Series X can run multiple games at the same time by storing them in a pipeline of sorts from where players can seamlessly switch between their game of choice within seconds. Microsoft calls this brand new feature Quick Resume and while it was already announced a while back, its limits have only been tested now.

According to hands-on previews shared by a number of publishers and influencers, Xbox Series X can cache nearly a dozen games (via KitGuru) through Quick Resume. The maximum number of games though depend on the games themselves. Quick Resume, for example, can switch between three or four next-generation or triple-a games that are designed for higher resolutions without the need of closing any applications to free up resources.

For backwards compatible or less strenuous games that are running at 1080p or lower resolutions, however, Xbox Series X can add as much as six, eight or even twelve games in the Quick Resume library. Microsoft has not noted a certain limit but has claimed Quick Resume to support three games at minimum.

Quick Resume is an improved or evolved form of the Standby feature that was shipped out with Xbox One. The said mode allowed players to pause a game, switch their console off, and later return to continue the game from exactly where they left off without any loading. Xbox Series X, all thanks to its beefier hardware specifications, takes that Standby feature to a whole new level.

Even more impressive is the fact that Xbox Series X reportedly takes around ten seconds, sometimes even lesser, to switch between games through Quick Resume. The swapping time presumably depends on the number of games in queue or the nature of the games.

Xbox Series X and its cheaper, all-digital Xbox Series S will officially launch worldwide on November 10, 2020, for $500 and $300 respectively.

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