Will PS5 Be Available For Amazon Prime Day Promotion?

Amazon has been fighting hard to fulfill as many PlayStation 5 pre-orders as possible before selling out of all available units. The situation though will soon become even more cumbersome for the retail giant since its annual Prime Day promotion looms around the corner. It goes without saying that the number of PS5 pre-orders will be hitting peak once Prime Day 2020 goes live.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, the official Amazon support account stated that “all details about this [PS5] release including available inventory” can be found on their respective listing pages. There are no further updates to share at present.

Amazon Prime Day serves as a prelude to Black Friday with attractive discounts and deals on hundreds of items exclusively for Prime members. The natural hope being that Amazon or some of its participating retailers might consider taking PS5 pre-orders at slashed pricing. However, there has been no confirmation if Sony Interactive Entertainment will be able to send out enough consoles by then.

There has also been no confirmation if PS5 will be part of the promotional event. The next-generation PS4 successor has not even launched yet and hence, makes for wishful thinking that a pre-launch discount can happen.

Amazon Prime Day deals will go live on October 13 and 14. At the very least, the couple of days will give consumers another chance to nab a PS5 or its digital edition before stock runs dry like it has been happening for the past week across the globe.

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