Mafia DE Just For Relaxation Walkthrough

This Mafia 1 Remake walkthrough will cover the main story mission, Just For Relaxation. We will go over every objective and hidden collectible you will come across in Mafia DE Just For Relaxation.

This is the 19th mission in the game, and it requires you to head to the customs office to steal a shipment of diamonds.

Mafia DE Just For Relaxation

A cutscene plays in which Tommy, Paulie, and Sam are told that the customs office has impounded the Don’s shipment of imported cigars.

The shipment is just a front for smuggling diamonds that they have hidden from the Feds. You need to get to the shipment before anyone catches onto the real loot.

Go See Vinny

The plan is to steal a customs truck to sneak into the harbor and then find the shipment.

There is one by the docks that you can hijack. Get in the car and go see Vincenzo to get some gear.

During the car ride, a cutscene will play in which Paulie tells Sam and Tommy about his plan to rob a small time bank.

Both of his buddies then explain that going behind Don’s back is too risky and will turn this idea down.

Find and Steal a Customs Truck

Tommy must follow the map to Works Quarter while the other two stay behind to get the gear.

Steal the truck and get out of there in case a witness is calling the cops on you.

Drive the Customs truck to Sam and Paulie, and they will explain the rest of the plan.

Tommy gets in the truck’s back and keeps his head down while Paulie and Sam drive it to customs.

Once they’re in, you will hear that there will be guys everywhere at the impound, so you’ll have to sneak around.

Find A Way Into the Customs Impound

Once Sam and Paulie leave with the worker there, the former will tell you that you alone must sneak into the warehouse and find the cigar crate that’s hiding the diamonds.

They keep records on everything, so you need to search their files. You’re looking for Cameroon Cigars that came in on a boat called The Bohemia. The ship docked on Tuesday 23rd.

This whole part is a stealth section so avoid being seen as you head towards the marker.

If you are seen, then take out the men quickly without drawing your gun as gunfire will raise the alarm.

After a bit of traversing along with the buildings and ground, you will climb up a few wooden crates by two guards. This will take you up towards an open window into the  Imports building.

Search For The Cigar Shipment

Now that you’re in the building, you must find information on recent shipping impounds.

Immediately check the desk to your right for the Customs Search Note.

This will tell you that one of the boxes was taken due to suspicion of it carrying what the Feds are looking for. The other boxes are still here.

Make your way along the walkway and sneakily take down the armed guard who is patrolling the offices.

Collectible: Dime Detective
Go through the first office to your right, and you will find an issue of Dime Detective lying on a desk.

Enter the second office to your right and check the filing cabinet by the left wall. It has the list of shipments that will inform you that the cigars are in the storage sector D2.

Collectible: Cigarette Card
Head into the very last office at the end of this walkway, and you will find a Tomaso Moretti trading card lying on the open window.

This office also has a newspaper clipping from September 30th 1938, that reports on Nazi demands being met in Munich.

Get To The Shipment

Head downstairs and either sneak your way out of the building. Take the staircase up and then sneak around sector D2. The crates are being searched through so a ton of people are there. You must say hidden.

Head into the office in front of you, and you will find the Cigars Impound Notice. Exit the office, and then use the pillars as cover while you sneakily take out guards and move forward.

Collectible: Super Science Stories
Immediately after you exited the previously mentioned office, you will see another door straight ahead.

Enter and collect an issue of Super Science Stories from the desk.

Go Through The Crates

Sneak downstairs and take out the guards patrolling there. You will find a few crates but searching through most of them will not reveal any cigars or diamonds.

Head left and take out the guard before proceeding to the very end of this floor where the closed door is to your right by a spotlight.

The crate that is closest to this door will contain the cigars. Get them and get out.

Escape with Sam and Paulie

A cutscene will play in which you finish loading the truck with the crates and Tommy gets in the driver’s seat. The alarm will then go off and you must drive out of the area.

The police will have set up checkpoints and roadblocks so avoid those and drive as fast as you can to get out of the red area.

You must be careful not to let the truck take too much damage or else the cigars will be lost and the mission will fail.

Once you’ve lost your tail, you must drive the truck to Salieri’s warehouse. Paulie and Sam will start arguing about how close a call this whole operation was.

Paulie will angrily state that they needed a better plan and that these rocks better make them filthy rich while Sam will tell him to focus on their success.


A cutscene will play in which Paulie and Tommy inspect the damage done to the crates. Opening up one of the boxes reveals that they are filled with dope.

They suspect that the Don was lying about the diamonds in order to get them to risk their lives for the real score.

The Don shows up and the three decide to feign ignorance.

The Don will congratulate you for a job well done and promise the trio some bonuses before passing off the shipment to another crew.

Once he drives off, Paul furiously declares he is going forward with the bank job and Tommy agrees to help him out as they head towards the train station.

This will result in the successful completion of the mission Just For Relaxation and you will be rewarded with the achievement Into the Lion’s Den.