Mafia DE Great Deal Walkthrough

Playing through Mafia Definitive Edition will bring you to the ‘Great Deal’. For this Mafia DE Great Deal Walkthrough, we’ll be showing you how to successfully oversee the trade, and get the Moonshine safely back to Salieri’s place.

Mafia DE Great Deal

Ride with Paulie and Carlo to the Parking Lot
The rather ‘dangerous’ deal is taking place in a parking garage located in Central Island.

Make your way through the city to the marker and make sure the deal remains uninterrupted.

Is that an Ambush?
Well, what’d you think? It was going to be easy? Syke. As you make it to the top of the parking lot, and begin to conclude the transaction; your trade will be ambushed by a bunch of criminals up to no good.

Defeat all the enemies stealing the spotlight, and go back to check up on Gates, who has been injured in the drive-by.

Escort the Truck
You think that was the last of them? You’ll encounter a number of more individuals seeking to claim control of the merchandise. Clear the path to create a safe passage for the truck.

Avoid using cars for cover. You’ll find a number of pillars to use for cover.

At one point, a fire will break out, preventing the truck from going any further.

Turn on the sprinklers using the valve and continue to make your way to the lower floors.

Use grenades to take out groups of enemies in an instant. You’ll be able to find crates with grenades and ammunition as you make your way down to the bottom.

Talk to Sam when you reach the lowest level, and start escorting the truck through the horde of cars piling up to take your shipment down.

Drive along with the truck and make sure to shoot at any enemy vehicles trying to keep up. Try to get close and ram the lot!

Try not to collide with anything, and don’t let any of them deal too much damage to the truck. Eventually, you’ll reach Salieri’s warehouse which will then complete the mission.

The booze is now exactly where it needs to be! Mission well done.