Mafia DE Creme de la Creme Walkthrough

The Mafia DE Creme de la Creme chapter will take place in 1935, where your objective is to take out Morello when he come out of the shadows to make his first public appearance since his disappearance.

To help you out with taking out Morello and completing the Creme de la Creme chapter in Mafia Definitive Edition, we’ve prepared this guide to walk you through this chapter, step by step.

Mafia DE Creme de la Creme

The first thing you need to do in this mission is to get to the Theatre. Hop in the car parked outside and make your way there.

Don’t Let Morello Espace
When you get near the Theatre, you’ll see Morello entering his car.

Your objective now is to trail Morello’s car and kill all the guys that are protecting him.

as you’re chasing Morello’s car, you’ll have to get rid of the cars protecting him and the police chasing after you. When you finally get rid of all his guards, continue to follow his car.

In this part of the mission, you don’t actually have to capture or kill Morello. Your goal is to just chase after him.

So, don’t get frustrated if you can’t catch up to him, as it’s part of the game design.

When you reach the checkpoint for the airport, a cutscene will trigger and Morello’s car will leave your sight. In this cutscene, your car will break down so you’ll have to continue the chase on foot.

After the cutscene ends, you’ll get into a gunfight with some more of Morello’s goons.

Get behind cover to shoot the goons and carefully make your way towards the hangars.

There will be a few first aid kits around here, so remember to use them. However, do so carefully so you don’t get killed while getting to them.

Once the coast is clear, head into the hangar with Morello’s plane and get in the red car.

Shoot Out the Plane’s Engines
To stop the plane from going airborne, aim your fire at its engines. Despite Sam’s pessimism, you’ll be able to successfully shoot out its engines, which will cause it to start losing altitude.

Follow the Damaged Plane
After taking over the wheel, you’ll have to chase after Morello’s plane. After a bit of chasing, Tommy will guess that they’re probably going to land the plane out near the race tracks.

So, now you can just head for the race tracks instead of chasing after the plane. When you arrive at the race tracks, a cutscene will trigger showing you killing off Morello.

After this cutscene, the Creme de la Creme mission will be completed.