Xbox Series X, The Quietest Xbox Ever Made, Say Hands-On Reports

Microsoft has managed to design nothing short of a technological marvel with the new next-generation Xbox Series X console.

With the embargo lifted earlier today, major publications have started sharing their hands-on experience. Microsoft has managed several technological feats but the most notable of them being the noise.

According to a preview by Ars Technica, “Xbox Series X is the quietest Xbox” ever made. Despite the ventilation fans kicking in during hours of gameplay in open-world games like Destiny 2 and Red Dead Redemption 2, the noise levels of the flagship next-generation console were “barely” audible.

According to another preview by IGN, Xbox Series X is super quiet and “almost inaudible when [on] idle.” Compared to Xbox One X, the fans can hardly be heard in Red Dead Redemption 2 even when the GPU is on full load.

Microsoft had repeatedly touted how silent Xbox Series X will be. Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox brand, had once even teased that he could hardly hear the next-generation console in his living room while playing games. More recently, Spencer noted that the monolith shape was decided to help with cooling and to reduce noise, something that all consoles have suffered from in past generations.

Xbox Series X houses a large, single ventilation fan on top. Due to its size, there were a few concerns about the noise the fan would make when running at high speeds. The early hands-on reports have thankfully vanquished those concerns.

To note, the cheaper Xbox Series S has a different design and does not feature the same ventilation system, at least in size. Xbox Series S is nearly 60 percent smaller than Xbox Series X and its ventilation system, the size of a disc, has been placed on the side.

Microsoft will be launching both next-generation consoles on November 10, 2020 for $500 and $300. Pre-orders have already gone live this week and all available stocks were wiped clean within minutes. Microsoft will now be sending in the second wave of units to make sure everyone has either an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S this holiday season.

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