Red Dead Online Legendary Bear Locations

The addition of two new Legendary Animals in the Red Dead Online means two new legendary hunts for players to tackle. And if regular bears were not already challenging enough, these two will surely give you a hard time when trying to take them down.

This Red Dead Online Legendary Bear Locations Guide will walk you through locations for these legendary bears along with tips for their encounters.

Red Dead Online Legendary Bear Locations

The Legendary Ridgeback Spirit Bear and the Legendary Owiza Bear are the two new entries in the Red Dead Legendary Animals list. Tracking and hunting them has a lot of perks to it.

Hunting the bears will contribute towards completing objectives for the Collector’s Role, collecting samples for the Animal Field Guide that will earn achievements and loads of cash.

To complete a legendary animal’s objectives, you must track, kill, skin, study, sedate, take samples, and photos of the respective legendary animal.

For the Legendary Ridgeback Spirit Bear and the Legendary Owiza Bear, once you have spotted a bear, you can use the camera from a safe distance and zoom in to study the animal and take a photo.

Then you can use the dart gun to sedate the animal and wait for them to sleep to take a sample.

For the skin and the kill, you must return later to find another live bear then kill it to take the skin, hence completing all the objectives.

Be careful, however, since a sedated bear can still be very lethal before it takes the time for the darts to drown it.

Legendary Ridgeback Spirit Bear

It is occasionally seen near the Little Creek River where you can find it most probably between 8 am and 8 pm in clear weather; if you do that is. Otherwise, you can also spot this animal outside of its standard spawn window.

The Ridgeback Spirit Bear is easily recognizable because of its distinct color and the red stripe on its back. It hunts in the day and returns at night, so you have chances of finding it at spots it has hunted at in the daytime.

The bear is very aggressive and will charge at you as soon as it sees you. It is very agile, and you cannot outrun it at any circumstances. Your best chance is putting as many bullets into its head as you can while it is at a distance.

Legendary Owiza Bear

You can find the Legendary Owiza Bear wandering near the Dakota River. It has dark, stocky legs with a grey head and back. It is a solitary animal and will not like to be disturbed, and will attack if aggravated.

The Owiza Bear will spawn at its location during the night from 8 pm to 8 am. It likes to hunt during the night and comes out in heavy rain as well.

Where to look for the Legendary Bears

The Legendary Ridgeback Spirit Bear and the Legendary Owiza Bear both have their designated spawn locations that you must figure out to find them,

Take a reference from the locations given above for each bear and try to find their spots. Since there is no assurance that the bears will spawn even if you are at their spawn location, you must rely on taking the chance.

Set camp in the aforementioned locations and keep relocating inside the area now and then until you stumble upon one.

You’ll then know for sure what the spawn location is so that you can return to complete the objectives.

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