Mafia DE Gangsters Monthly Comics Locations Guide

Mafia DE (definitive edition) has many different collectibles hidden around its vast open world and amongst them are 10 Gangster Monthly issues. This Mafia DE Gangsters Monthly Comics Locations Guide will list the locations of each Gangsters Monthly issue in the order in which you’re likely to find them.

Mafia DE Gangsters Monthly Comics locations

Four of these Gangsters monthly comics be acquired when playing the story and rest are part of the Free Roam.

Issues in Story Mode

Gangsters Monthly #9: Sarah Holl on a Mission (Chapter 8)
During the objective “Send a message from Don Salieri” in Hotel Corleone, you need to head up two floors from the Lobby to enter Room 210. Take care of the guy in the room to reach the bathroom and collect this issue.

Gangsters Monthly #1: A Trip to the Country (Chapter 10)
When you have to get the account books from the bank, you should head to the to the safety deposit boxes. The issue of Gangsters Monthly is by the security guard who is sitting.

Gangsters Monthly #10: Steam Boys (Chapter 15)
During the objective “Don’t let Sergio escape”, you must search the Harbor area. The issue is in an open train car full of boxes. It is in the spot marked by the “O” in “Harbor” on the map.

Gangsters Monthly #6: Moonlighting (Chapter 20)
When you enter Paulie’s apartment building, you must run up the stairs until you reach the top floor. The issue is lying on a table at the end of the hallway.

Free Ride

Gangsters Monthly #4: Jimmy’s Vendetta
This issue can be found by an alley on Central Island. It is located just east of the State Prison and is lying behind a fence in a yard.

Gangsters Monthly #2: All Saint’s Day Massacre
Check the garden in the northern part of the Works Quarter in Little Italy to collect this issue.

Gangsters Monthly #8: The Racing Racketeer
Head to Chinatown and enter the alley marked on the map by the “H” in “Chinatown”. The issue is located there.

Gangsters Monthly #3: Beware Hanoi Hangman
While you’re in Chinatown, head towards the fisher hut that is by the water just south of Terranova Bridge. The issue is lying on a chair.

Gangsters Monthly #7: An Offer You Can’t Refuse
This issue is located on the balcony of Clark’s Motel in the countryside. Just climb the logs to reach this location.

Gangsters Monthly #5: The Mafia Three
Located in North Park, on top of the gas station north-east of Pepe’s Restaurant. Grab a car and drive it as fast as you can, over the ramp to get to the rooftop of the gas station,