Mafia DE Fair Play Walkthrough

Our Mafia DE Fair Play Walkthrough dives deep into everything related to the Fair Play Chapter of the Definitive Edition of the classic Mafia game so that you don’t have to waste your precious time figuring everything out on your own.

Mafia DE Fair Play

The mission starts off with a meeting between you and your boss, Salieri. There’ll be a conversation between the two of you about a very important car race coming up.

Your boss will tell you that his driver, Mikey Dunne, is likely to lose this race from Morello’s new European driver, Martin Lichtenberg, unless you do something about it.

He will then ask you to get your hands on that Martin’s car, bring it to one of your mechanics and make a few adjustments.

A Conversation with Ralph
To do that, you’ll first have to head outside the restaurant and talk to Ralph who will be busy fixing a car.

Ralph will tell you that one of the track guards, Bobby is his friend and will let you take Martin’s car for some cash.

He will also talk about Lucas Betone, a mechanic under the Guiliano Bridge to whom you’ll take the car for modifications.

Contacting the Race Track Guards
After your conversation with Ralph finishes, take a car from the garage nearby to drive to the track.

Storing your Car in the Race Track Garage
At the track’s entrance, you’ll meet Bobby, get him inside your car and drive to the track garage.

The Race Car
Once there, exit your car and follow Bobby, who will introduce to Martin’s car – the 1929 Carozella C-Series. Get in.

A Trip to Lucas Barton’s Garage
Now, you’ll get about three and a half minutes to get this car to Lucas Barton’s Garage before the cops catch you.

Once there, Lucas will make the required adjustments in no time.

The Drive Back to the Track
When Lucas is finished, you’ll have to drive the car back to the Race Track in about three and a half minutes.

On your way, the car might misbehave a bit due to the adjustments. However, sit tight, and don’t lose your cool!

As soon as you’ve reached the Race Track and parked the European car, get out of there before the next guard’s shift starts.

The next day, before the race begins, Frank will inform you about Salieri’s driver, who is out of the race as he was beaten by Morello’s guy last night.

He’ll also tell you that you’ll be the one taking his place.

It’s Raceday
The race will consist of 3 laps, with each lap having a time span of 2 minutes.

Staying ahead during the first lap or so might be a bit of a predicament, but as long as your intentions are clear, you’ll eventually come out on top.

Don’t try to get to the head of the pack from the get-go. Take your time and overtake each opponent one by one.

Take care not to ram into too many cars as that will take you out of the race fast. And most importantly, control your speed on the many turns that dot the track.

After you win, your friends and associates will come and congratulate you. Your boss, Selieri will hand you over the cash prize of your victory.

After that, go talk to Sarah, who’ll tell you that your friend, Paulie is drunk and that you need to find him.

Looking for Paulie
Head to Trago where you’ll find Paulie lying in one of the car booths. Approach him to prompt a conversation with him in which you’ll convince him that he needs to get home.

Now, help Paulie get in the car with you and drive him home.

On your way, cops might notice drunk Paulie and come after you. Evade them and get Paulie home safely.

That will mark the completion of this mission, rewarding you with a Neighborhood Hero Trophy.

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