InXile’s “Wonderful New RPG” In “Infancy Of Pre-Production”

It has been nearly a year since inXile Entertainment reportedly began working on a brand new role-playing game for presumably next-generation platforms. While the in-development project has never been officially announced, a formal acknowledgement has just been offered by the developer.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, studio head Brian Fargo teased that inXile Entertainment has been working on a “wonderful new RPG” but since “they take so long to make,” fans need to be patient.

He further clarified that the unannounced game currently remains in the “infancy of pre-production,” meaning that inXile Entertainment is still at the concept stage and actual development has not begun.

Shortly after being acquired by Microsoft last year, inXile Entertainment went on a hiring spree for Wasteland 3 as well as various unannounced projects. Some of those job listings later revealed that the “exciting yet unannounced role-playing game” will be running on Unreal Engine 4 and incorporate procedurally generated systems like special effects, animations, objects, terrains, and such.

Wasteland 3 has already been released and hence, inXile Entertainment should be pouring all resources into its next role-playing offering. It should also be pointed out that this unannounced project was probably shown to Microsoft, at least in concept, before the acquisition took place. Whatever the game was, it was probably good enough for Microsoft to bring under its Xbox Game Studios banner.

Unfortunately though, due to the nature of pre-production, inXile Entertainment will likely be taking another couple of years before showing any gameplay footage. Wasteland 3 took four years from announcement to release. However, with resources being invested by Microsoft, inXile should be taking less time for its next game. Hence, fans will have to wait around 2023 to see what has been cooking behind closed doors for Xbox Series X.

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